5/11/2014 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Two plays about the old days on TV, and both of them performed before a live audience.

Feature Presentation the First - Sundrive Boulevard, in which an aging soap opera diva plans a comeback by holding a TV writer prisoner.  From the Crazy Dog Audio Theatre of Ireland.  Performed live on the RTE, Irish National Radio, and released on the Crazy Dog Live album.

Presentation the Second - Don't Crush That Dwarf, the live version of the Firesign Theatre's 1969 album, performed as a part of their 25th Anniversary Reunion Tour album called Back From the Shadows.  George Tirebiter is sitting up watching himself on the TV, old shows like "High School Madness", and "Parallel Hell".

Playlist Tracks: 
Crazy Dog Audio Theatre - Sundrive Boulevard
Album: Crazy Dog Live; Label: crazydogaudiotheatre.com
Firesign Theatre - Don't Crush That Dwarf
Album: Back From the Shadows; Label: firesigntheatre.com
Air Date: 
May 11, 2014

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