5/6/2014 Spin with Cyn

Playlist Tracks: 
Suicide Commandos - Complicated Fun
Album: Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Dance Concert; Label: Twin Tone
The Suburbs - Reset the Party
Album: Si Sauvage; Label: s.r.
Flamin' Groovies - Shake Some Action
Album: Shake Some Action; Label: Rhino-Warner Bros.
The Hypstrz - Slow Death
Album: Live at the Longhorn; Label: Twin Tone
The Replaceements - Busted Up
Album: Songs for Slim; Label: New West Records
Slim Dunlap - Rockin' Here Tonight
Album: The Old New Me; Label: Twin Tone
Lucero - From the Git Go
Album: Songs for Slim: Rockin' Here Tonight; Label: NewWest Records
Suicide Commandos - She Said Yeah
Album: The Suicide Commandos Commit Suicide Concert; Label: Twin Tone
Flamin' Groovies - She Said Yeah
Album: Shake Some Action; Label: Rhino-Warner Bros
Xeno - Rock 'n' Roll Baby
Album: I Still Believe in Rock n Roll; Label: S.r.
Cheap Trick - Way of the World
Album: Dream Police; Label: Epic
The Cars - Moving in Stereo
Album: The Cars; Label: Elektra
Flamin' Oh's - Everyday
Album: The First Two Albums; Label: s.r.
Michael and the Mumbles - Need Your Love
Album: Michael and the Mumbles; Label: De Stijl
The Rolling Stones - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
Album: The Rolling Stones, Now!; Label: Epic
Michael and the Mumbles - I Need Her
Album: Michael and the Mumbles; Label: De Stijl
Silver Apples - Oscillations
Album: Silver Apples; Label: Geffen
Ty Segall - Death
Album: Slaughterhouse; Label: In the Red Records
The Blind Shake - Call of the Beehive
Album: Learning Curve: Held Hostage 2; Label: Learning Curve
The Pixies - Greens and Blues
Album: Indie Cindy; Label: PIAS America
The Modern Era - Out of Time
Album: The Swag; Label: s.r.
Queens of the Stone Age - Gonna Leave You
Album: Songs for the Deaf; Label: Interscope
Frances Gumm - I Hate Normal People
Album: Scorch the Earth; Label: Speedboat Records
Tulip Sweet and Her Trail of Tears - Rising Action
Album: Touched; Label: Shoshaura Records
Tetes Noir - Can't Even Dance
Album: The New American Dream; Label: East St. Paul Records
The Ramones - We Want the Airwaves
Album: Pleasant Dreams; Label: Rhino Warner Bros
Phantom Tails - #4
Album: Rides Battalion; Label: s.r.
Prince - The Breakdown
Album: single; Label: Warner Bros.
Air Date: 
May 6, 2014

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