4/30/2014 ECHO CHAMBER


Another big night of new dubwise releases, new world music releases, and even a track from Janelle Monae & Erykah Badu.  First up was the excellent double-CD which is raising money for a good cause: "Help in Dub for Phillippines" (from Spirit of Umoja/Virlanie).  I found out about this new dub compilation (compiled by Mighty Clem and mastered by Russ Disciple) on the Culture Dub site and bought it through ulule.com.  Next up was the lovely new release just in time for summer - Hollie Cook's album "Twice" (on Mr. Bongo). This one I bought through the pre-order at PledgeMusic - and my "pledge" got me the new album digitally, plus her first 2 albums sent via snail-mail. Another fresh release making its debut was the rootical "Suburban Roots" release from Dublaw (on Svaha Sound). More choice new releases tonight from Ricky Chaplin, Version Big-Fi, Thomas Blondet, Tribal Realities, Empress Ayeola, Daleth Karl ft. Joe Peng, Susheela Raman (the excellent "Queen Between" album), El Remolon, Violons Barbares, Dubsynaticx, and Teebs.  And rounding out the show were grooves from Katchafire (who were just in town), LKJ, Dubcall, T.U.G.G., Kalya Scintilla, DJ Tricky Cris, Mickey Hart, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Ranking Ann, King Tubby, Androcell, and more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*The Disciples - Fable (exclusive mix)
Album: Help in Dub for Phillippines [various artists]; Label: Spirit of Umoja/Virlanie
*Hollie Cook - Tiger Balm
Album: Twice; Label: Mr. Bongo
*Ricky Chaplin - Time to Unite (ft. Big Youth)
Album: Chap Dem Chaplin; Label: Uniteam
Katchafire - Collie Herb Man
Album: Revival; Label: 2B1
King Tubby - Teacher of Dub
Album: Surrounded by the Dreads at National Arena; Label: Fay/Greensleeves
*Dublaw - Inspiration Riddim
Album: Suburban Roots; Label: Svaha Sound
*Empress Ayeola - Strong Up
Album: Straight to the Point; Label: Nu Edge
*Phoniandflore - Out of Banks
Album: Dub for Phillippines v.a.; Label: Spirit of Umoja/Virlanie
*Flooting Grooves - Outer Space Architecture
Album: Blue Moon (compiled by Johnny Blue) [various artists]; Label: MikelaBella
*Tribal Realities - Amazing Africa inna Phuture Dub
Album: Amazing Africa inna Phuture Dub (single); Label: Tribal Realities (via Bandcamp.com)
T.U.G.G. - Dark Days (ft. Room Mates)
Album: Mazes; Label: Last Call
*Thomas Blondet - Supreme (Dub)
Album: Futureworld; Label: Roots & Culture
King Rat - Piper Street Rock (Conga Version 2010)
Album: Unreleased Mixes PSS #19; Label: Boom One
Longman - The Expansion of Consciousness
Album: Akhenaten's Dream; Label: Picpack
Longman - The Reference Point
Album: Akhenaten's Dream; Label: Picpack
Ashley - Bad Times are Over
Album: Babylon Institution; Label: Dubkey
*Daleth Karl ft. Joe Peng - People (RSD One Love Mix)
Album: single; Label: Sugar Shack
LKJ - Making History
Album: Making History; Label: Island
Boomsound - Poem for the Children (ft. Norkii)
Album: Clean And Pure ; Label: Boomsound Recordings ‎
*Susheela Raman - Sharabi (Alcoholic)
Album: Queen Between; Label: World Village
*El Remolon - El Chamuyero (ft. Iv Anna)
Album: Selva; Label: ZZK Records
*Violons Barbares - The Walls of Constantinopol
Album: Saulem Ai; Label: World Village
*Version Big-Fi - In No Salvation (ft. Kiddus I)
Album: Know Your History; Label: Dubtrec
Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu - Queen (Apple Juice Kid & 13th Tribe Remix)
Album: single; Label: People Skillz (free download)
*Dubsynaticx - Dubconscious
Album: Studio Dubs Part 1; Label: Svaha Sound
Unitone Soundimensional - Message Dub
Album: Zion Chant; Label: Dubkey
*Ricky Chaplin - Lot's Dub (ft. Prince Alla)
Album: Chap Dem Chaplin; Label: Uniteam
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Slow Mo
Album: Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring single; Label: unBorde/Warner
*Teebs - NY Pt 1
Album: Estara; Label: Brainfeeder
Ranking Ann - Moonlight Lover
Album: A Slice of English Toast; Label: Ariwa
Kalya Scintilla - Listen with your Heart
Album: Dance the spiral neverending; Label: Merkaba
Kalya Scintilla - Alcyone
Album: InLakesh; Label: Up
Younger Brother - Happy Pills
Album: The Last Days of Gravity; Label: Twisted
Younger Brother - All I Want
Album: The Last Days of Gravity; Label: Twisted
Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene Pt. 4
Album: Oxygene; Label: Polydor
Mickey Hart Band - Falling Stars
Album: Superorganism; Label: 360º Prod.
Mickey Hart Band - The Sermon
Album: Superorganism; Label: 360º Prod.
DJ Tricky Cris - Theme from Riddim Wize
Album: Sound Surgery E.P.; Label: Electrolux
Koomer & Burns - Hawaiian Death Dub
Album: Four Boy One Girl Action; Label: Exploding Plastic Inevitable
Androcell - Process of Unfolding
Album: Efflorescence; Label: Celestial Dragon
Androcell - Neurosomatic Circuit
Album: Efflorescence; Label: Celestial Dragon
Bluetech - Mycorrhiza Mambo
Album: Rainforest Reverberation; Label: Native State
Bluetech - Unidentified Flying Octopus
Album: Rainforest Reverberation; Label: Native State
The Dynamics - Miss You
Album: Version Excursions; Label: grooveattack
Shigeto - Miss U
Album: No Better Time than Now; Label: Ghostly International
Air Date: 
April 30, 2014