4/28/2014 Health Notes


Multiple Sclerosis

MS can be a tragic disease which usually affects adults in the prime of their lives, and may even occur in childhood. Many authorities suggest there is little that people can do for themselves apart from taking medication and waiting until they deteriorate. This approach is unhelpful, and can leave people feeling powerless and depressed.

In his new book Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Professor Jelinek reviews the core principles of staying well after a diagnosis of MS, building on Taking Control of Multiple Sclerosis and the surprising conclusion that MS is a disease largely determined by lifestyle factors. Diet, sunlight, exercise, meditation, preventing depression, resolution of difficult emotional issues and other lifestyle factors are all examined in light of the massive growth in high quality medical research in recent years. This new research supports that attention to these factors can significantly improve quality of life and chance of recovery for people diagnosed with MS.

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Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman
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Prof Julineck - Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis
Topics: Using Preventative Measures to Overcoming MS
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April 28, 2014

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