4/21/2014 Health Notes


Chia Vitality

For centuries, chia seeds were revered by both the Maya and Aztecs for their amazing energy and natural healing powers. Today, it’s no wonder that chia is one of the hottest superfoods around: Gram for gram, it has 70 percent more protein than soybeans, 25 percent more fiber than flaxseed, 30 percent more antioxidants than blueberries, 600 percent more calcium than milk, and is the richest known source of plant-based Omega-3s. Reaping the nutritional benefits of chia can be as simple as mixing a tablespoon into a smoothie or tossing it on a salad—but that is just the beginning!
     In Chia Vitality, Mamma Chia founder Janie Hoffman shows how integrating chia into your diet can boost your stamina, help you lose weight, and feel more alive than ever before.  Informed by research as well as Hoffman’s personal experience this program offers a 30-day integrative approach to well-being with this little superseed at its center.     

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Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman
Album: 30 Greatest Hits; Label: Atlantic
David Sanborn - Lisa
Album: Straight From The Heart; Label: Warner Brothers
Janie Hoffman - Chia Vitality
Topics: Better Health, Greater Vibrancy, More Meaningful and Purposeful Life with Chia Seeds
Dr. David Katz - The Road To Better Health
Topics: Our Feet, Forks and Mouths are the keys better health
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April 21, 2014

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