1/28/2008 Freewheelin'


Thanks to Mikkel Beckmen for coming on as our guest this morning. He brought along some great music, including the brand new one by The Brass Kings entitled Washboard Rope Guitar

I'm honored they gave us the opportunity to present the world wide radio debut of the CD. Thanks guys.

The Brass Kings recorded this CD at Wild Sound in Minneapolis-and what a sound it is! Matthew Zimmerman gets it.

Mikkel plays washboard and other found objects on the CD; Steve Kaul guitars and vocals; Brad Ptacek on washboard bass. I'm looking forward to sitting on the couch listening to the great sounds and Steve's lyrical observations about the world in which we live.

* An asterisk indicates a new release or reissue.

Playlist Tracks: 
Alvin, Dave - Walk Right In
Album: Public Domain; Label: Hightone
* King, Matt - Waiting In The Bottom
Album: Rube; Label: Montage Music
*Roth, Arlen - Cryin' Time
Album: Toolin' Around Woodstock (With Levon Helm); Label: Aquinnah
Flat Duo Jets - I'm Sorry
Album: In Stereo; Label: Sky
* Bonneville, Ray - Run Jolee run
Album: Goin' By Feel; Label: Red House
Finn, Tim - Suicide on Downing Street
Album: Tim Finn; Label: Capitol
Kolander, Steve - Scoot Over Move Closer
Album: Pieces Of A Puzzle; Label: River North
* Benoit, Tab - Sac Au Lait Fishing
Album: Power Of The Ponchetrain; Label: Telarc
* Brass Kings, The - My advance copy doesn't have liner notes; Check back later.... I'll post the song title for this track. The other Brass King songs we played are titled because I paid attention. This time I didn't...bad dj, bad.
Album: Washboard Rope Guitar; Label:
Lindley, David ( Wally Ingram - Cat Food
Album: Twango Bango Deluxe Live; Label: ULF Tone
Brass Kings, The - Killing Time
Album: Washboard Rope Guitar; Label:
* Floorbirds, The - Washburn Blues
Album: Field Recordings; Label: Victrola
* Brass Kings, The - Bigville
Album: Washboard Rope Guitar; Label:
* House Of Mercy Band - Trouble Coming
Album: Left Behind; Label: House Of Mercy Recordings
Smith, William Versey - When That Great Ship Went Down
Album: Disaster Songs: 1913-1938; Label: Thompkin's Square
* Miller, Chris - Grew Up On A Farm
Album: ; Label:
* Brass Kings, The - Northbound
Album: Washboard Rope Guitar; Label:
Matteson, Nikki Rich Rue - Prodigal Son
Album: American Idle; Label: self release
* Two Many Banjos - Misery
Album: Two Many Banjos; Label:
Air Date: 
January 28, 2008

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