4/16/2014 ECHO CHAMBER


Kicked off tonight's show with some hardcore porn...  That is, we started with "Linda Love Dub" from Dubzilla's "Dub Naturalis" album - which includes some graphic soundbytes from the movie "Deep Throat". From there we moved into some choice new releases from: Apocalypse Dub Faction ("Jah Never Fail I" album on Dubkey); Alpha & Omega ("The Half That's Never Been Told" on Steppas); Secret Archives of the Vatican ("Storytellers" on Broken Drum); Bass Defender; Masia One x Suns of Dub; Beats Antique; Dubmatix & Prince Blanco; Tasonia; Rara Avis; Dom La Nena (remixed by Joey Altruda); Ce'Cile (feat. JaRae); sUb_modU; The Skints; Don Goliath; Djemetta; and N-Tone Dub. Another new release was the cool "Blue Moon" compilation (compiled by Johnny Blue) on MikelaBella. Also tonight: Easy Star All Stars "The Great Gig in the Sky" with a cool radio-ID intro featuring Kirsty Rock; a nice long Jah Wobble set; plus tracks from Twilight Archive, The Mighty Diamonds, Rebelution, Phil Pratt, Yulduz, Shpongle, Linval Thompson, Rootsteppa, Caravan Palace, and more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*Dubzilla - Linda Love Dub
Album: Dub Naturalis; Label: ZARS
*Bass Defender - Don't Stop Walking
Album: single; Label: Crudo Bilbao
*Secret Archives of the Vatican - The Poor Man of Nippur
Album: Storytellers; Label: Broken Drum
*Kirsty Rock / Easy Star All Stars - radio-ID intro
Album: N/A; Label: N/A
Easy Star All Stars - The Great Gig in the Sky (Dubophonic)
Album: Dubber Side of the Moon; Label: Easy Star
*Apocalypse Dub Faction - Mighty Lion (ft. Mystical Warrior)
Album: Jah Never Fail I; Label: Dubkey
*Tasonia - Bill
Album: single; Label: Peckings
*Beats Antique - Jumpin'
Album: A Thousand Faces Act II; Label: Self-release
*Rara Avis - Medicine (full length )
Album: Shaktified EP 1 ; Label: Six Degrees
*Kukan Dub Lagan - Spaghetti Western
Album: Blue Moon (compiled by Johnny Blue) [various artists]; Label: MikelaBella
*Kukangherita Soundsysten - Dub to Africa
Album: Blue Moon (compiled by Johnny Blue) [various artists]; Label: MikelaBella
*Dubmatix & Prince Blanco - Ho Hey (cover of The Lumineers) - Reggae version)
Album: single; Label: Renegade Media
*Ce'Cile - Corrupt (ft. JaRae)
Album: single; Label: Sobe Entertainment
*sUb_modU - Mantra
Album: Circles EP; Label: BBE
*N-Tone Dub - God Dub
Album: The Global Dream EP; Label: Maree Bass
Rebelution - So High (ft. Zumbi of Zion I) (Dub)
Album: Peace of Mind - Dubdisc; Label: Self-release
*Alpha & Omega - University of Steppas
Album: The Half That's Never Been Told; Label: Steppas
The Mighty Diamonds - Swell Headed (Dubplate)
Album: Pass the Knowledge (2cd); Label: Greensleeves
*Don Goliath - Bound to Fall (ft. Sennid)
Album: Rootstep to the World vol. 20; Label: Rootsstep Division Recordings
Rootsteppa - Sand on the Moon (ft. Step High)
Album: Dub Evidence; Label: Maree Bass
*Djemetta - The Mess
Album: single; Label: Lafamille
*Dom La Nena - No Meu Pais Mario Caldato (Joey Altruda Remix)
Album: Remixes; Label: Six Degrees
*Masia One x Suns of Dub - Real Love Grows
Album: single; Label: Suns Of Dub
*The Skints - The Cost of Living is Killing Me
Album: Short Change EP; Label: Penny Drop Recordings
Jah Wobble - Voodoo (ft. Polly Eltes & Ollie Marland)
Album: The Early Years; Label: 30 Hertz
Jah Wobble - East (ft. Polly Eltes & Ollie Marland)
Album: The Early Years; Label: 30 Hertz
Jah Wobble & the Modern Jazz Ensemble - 9
Album: 7; Label: 30 Hertz
Jah Wobble & the Modern Jazz Ensemble - Country Cousin
Album: 7; Label: 30 Hertz
Twilight Archive - Chat Noir
Album: Ritual Fiction; Label: electrophonogram
Melting Holidays - Monsoon
Album: Seven Favorites; Label: Daiki Sound
Shiina Ringo - Becoming (ft. Takashi Taniguchi)
Album: Ukina; Label: Universal
Caravan Palace - Quiet Place
Album: Caravan Palace; Label: Wagram
Jah Malla - Wait Until the Lights Go Down
Album: Jah Malla; Label: Atco/Modern
Linval Thompson - Rocking Vibrations
Album: Rocking Vibrations; Label: Burning Sounds
Bunny Lee/King Tubby's - Easy Dread & Check This... Dub (ver. of above)
Album: King of Dub; Label: Clocktower
Shpongle - How the Jellyfish Jumped Up the Mountain
Album: Museum of Consciousness; Label: Twisted
Shpongle - The Aquatic Garden of Extra Celestial Delights
Album: Museum of Consciousness; Label: Twisted
Phil Pratt - Con Man
Album: Star Wars Dub; Label: Burning Sounds
Phil Pratt - Concert Man
Album: Star Wars Dub; Label: Burning Sounds
Kalya Scintilla - Alcyone
Album: InLakesh; Label: UP
Kalya Scintilla - Caravan Planet
Album: Dance the Spiral Never Ending; Label: UP
Heyoka - Fractal Elf
Album: Space Case; Label: Muti
Yulduz - Dunya
Album: Yulduz; Label: Double-T
Yulduz - Sabr (Patience)
Album: Yulduz; Label: Double-T
Ott - Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack
Album: Blumenkraft; Label: Twisted
MacDonald Duck Eclair - The Yellow Go
Album: short short; Label: Usagi-Chang
Mutant Frogs - Jungles of theGalaxy
Album: unreleased; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Skatroniks Jamaica - Espionage
Album: Skalsa; Label: Skajam
Air Date: 
April 16, 2014