1/27/2008 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


*Feature Presentation* - The Big Big Space series from Ireland's Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. Part 2 of *The Cabaret of Forbidden Celestial Delights*, where Captain Sane and the crew are held captive and tortured by accountants.
*Selected Shorts* - *Star of Vengeance, Episodes 3 and 4*. Written by Andre Guirard, and produced for Shockwave right here at KFAI. Part 3, Obstinacy, and Part 4, Thought Police. George and Sooey continue their search for the Star of Vengeance, without knowing exactly what it is.

Playlist Tracks: 
Roger Gregg - The Cabaret of Forbidden Celestial Delights, Part 2
Album: Big Big Space; Label: Crazy Dog Audio Theatre
Andre Guirard, author - Obstinacy
Album: Star of Vengeance, Part 3; Label: Shockwave
Andre Guirard, author - Thought Police
Album: Star of Vengeance, Part 4; Label: Shockwave
Air Date: 
January 27, 2008

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