4/6/2014 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program


Talk Show-Yee Leng Xiong, the youngest Hmong, 19 years old was elected to be a school district board member in DC Everest district in Wisconsin.  Yee Leng Xiong is attending college full time and serving as a school board member. Yee Leng received 1,097 votes during the election, put him at the second highest voting and there are two seats for the election; therefore, he won for the second post.  Yee Leng encouraged every young men and women to participate with civic duty.

Shua and Maiv Lig- Pledge drive- words of encouragement.

Playlist Tracks: 
Xeng Lo/Shua Vang - Hmoob yuav tsum hlub Hmoob
Album: Hmoob yuav tsum hlub Hmoob; Label: Tsoom Hmoob 1996
Ntxoo Hawj - Quaj vim nco kuv cov me nyuam
Album: Lam yuav txiv raws kev chim; Label: Classic Video Production Vol. 1
Nraug Cuam - Peb yog Hmoob
Album: Peb yog Hmoob; Label: Nraug Cuam Vol. 4
Undefine - Nraug Hmoob ntuj sua teb tom peg
Album: thawj ntu kev xaiv nyaab; Label: Undefined
Yee Leng Xiong - Elected School Board Member in Wisconsin
Topics: Won election as a DC Everest school board member.
Shua Yang - Volunteer of HARRP
Topics: Pledge Drive
Maiv Lig Kong - Volunteer of HARRP
Topics: Pledge Drive
Air Date: 
April 6, 2014

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