Leila Giannetti and Patti Walsh power up to p'rap and throw down some Detroit Rock City madness in honor of the recently deceased Scott Rock Action Asheton, drummer for The Stooges. Patti shares records from her Motor City teenagedhoodlumismed - yes that's a word - no it doesn't need to make any sense. Just feeeeeeel it, and groove accordingly. Hope you dig it.

Playlist Tracks: 
Alice Cooper - Long Way to Go
Album: Love it to Death; Label: Warner Brothers
MC5 - Black to Comm
Album: Power Trip; Label: Alive Records
The Stooges - Dirt (outtake) and Tight Pants
Album: Outtakes Box Set; Label: Self-published
The Up - Do the Sun Dance
Album: Killer Up!; Label: Total Energy
Frijid Pink - House of the Rising Sun
Album: Frijid Pink Box Set; Label: Comet Records
Funkadelic - One National Under a Groove
Album: ONUAG; Label: Charly
Ted Nugent - Motor City Madhouse
Album: Ted Nugent; Label: CBS