4/4/2014 Voice Cried Softly - Patti Does P'Drive

Playlist Tracks: 
Liz Dealey & The 22nd Sect - Gimme Control
Album: 7"; Label: Sympathy for the Record Industry
Crush - Squeeky
Album: 7"; Label: Self-published
The Stooges - Dirt (outtake)
Album: Box Set of Outtakes; Label: Self-published
The Fall - US 80s 90s
Album: Bend Sinister; Label: Minder Music
The Wipers - Follow Blind
Album: Follow Blind; Label: Restless
The Swans - Eden Prison
Album: My Father will Guide me up a Rope to the Sky ; Label: Young Gods
[R] Nancy Sinatra & Lee Underwood - Been Down So Long it looks like Up to Me
Album: Lee & Nancy; Label: Warner
[R] Flower Travelling Band - Satori Part 2
Album: Satori; Label: Self-published
Can - Uphill
Album: Delay 1968; Label: Spoon
Dumb Numbers - Evil Has Grown
Album: Dumb Numbers; Label: Joyful Noise
Membranes - Everyone's Going Triple Bad Acid Yeah
Album: Wrong Place at the Wrong Time; Label: Project A Bomb
Daniel Johnston - Museum of Love
Album: Yip; Label: High Wire
the great unwashed - Space Bikie
Album: 7"; Label: Yeti
Moon duo - Run Around
Album: 7"; Label: Yeti
fleshloop - Straight to your Heart
Album: 7"; Label: Clawfist
Bob Bucko, Jr. - She do the Twist
Album: Volte Face; Label: Dubuque Strange Music Society
Bellrays - Warhead
Album: 7"; Label: Bronx Cheer
The Dead C - Armed
Album: Armed Courage; Label: Badabing Records
Suicide - Keep Your Dreams
Album: Suicide; Label: Mute
Air Date: 
April 4, 2014

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