A heavy dubwise show...with tons of new releases, and great mix from Addis Pablo (son of Augustus Pablo).  The new releases included "The Global Dream LP" from N-Tone Dub; "The Closet Is Open" from Maverick Mista Majah P; "Short Change EP" from The Skints; "Libation" from Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars; "The Nairobian Riddim" album (featuring "Me A Feel It" from Asante Amen); "Jericho / Weep Not EP" from Don Fe; "Circles EP" from sUb_modU; "The Remixes" from Boddhi Satva; plus an unreleased single from E.R.S., and the new single "D-Stress" from Rebelution. On top of all this new stuff, we featured music from Desmond "Faada" Johnson, Scratchylus, Mikey Dread, The Breadwinners, New Age Steppers, The Orb, John Brown's Body, Easy Star All Stars, The Scientist/Ted Sirota, Ranking Ann, The Selecter, Shiina Ringo, Mpls. Dub Ensemble, and more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*N-Tone Dub - The Pyramids
Album: The Global Dream LP; Label: MareeBass
*Don Fe - Stand Firm and Pray
Album: Jericho / Weep Not EP; Label: Steppas
*The Skints - Broken Hearted
Album: Short Change EP; Label: Penny Drop
The Scientist/Ted Sirota - Yanira Dub
Album: The Scientist meets Ted Sirota's Heavyweight Dub; Label: Liberated Zone
John Brown's Body - A Little Bit of Dub
Album: All Time; Label: I-Town
Easy Star All Stars - The Great Gig in the Sky
Album: Dub Side of the Moon; Label: Easy Star
*sUb_modU - Arhumba
Album: Circles EP; Label: BBE Records
*E.R.S. - We Are Rising (demo)
Album: TBD; Label: unreleased
The Breadwinners - Return of the Bakery
Album: Dubs Unlimited; Label: King Spinna
*Maverick Mista Majah P - Murderer
Album: The Closet Is Open; Label: KOKMaverick
*Asante Amen - Me A Feel It (on Nairobian Riddim)
Album: The Nairobian Riddim [various artists]; Label: MK Zwo
*Ever Blazing Music Production - Nairobian Riddim [bonus track]
Album: The Nairobian Riddim [various artists]; Label: MK Zwo
Samedi Soundsystem meets Science Project - Another Spring
Album: Samedi Soundsystem meets Science Project in Dub; Label: Dub Temple
Mikey Dread - East Portland Dub
Album: Dread At The Controls - Evolutionary Rockers; Label: DATC
Scratchylus - I Hear the Children Cry
Album: Reset the Mindset; Label: Inna De Yard
Desmond "Faada" Johnson - Experience (Mass Jobe)
Album: Pucko Music; Label: NML Music
Tinariwen - Kel Tamashek
Album: Imidiwan: Companions; Label: World Village
*Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars - Money No Do
Album: Libation; Label: Cumbancha
*Rebelution - D-Stress
Album: Count Me In (to be released); Label: self-release
*** DJ mix by: Addis Pablo - Sounds of Swaby: 5 a.m. El Rockers mix ***
Album: .; Label: .
*Secret Archives of the Vatican - Halls of the Valar
Album: Storytellers; Label: Broken Drum
*Boddhi Satva - Stop Jealousy feat. Zé Péquénio (Ancestral Soul Mix)
Album: The Remixes; Label: BBE
Caravan Palace - Queens
Album: Panic; Label: Wagram
Perfume - Furikaeru to Iru Yo
Album: Level 3; Label: Universal J
The Wellpack Band (dubbed by Winston Edwards & Blackbeard) - Shake Buckingham Palace Down
Album: Dub Conference - Winston Edwards & Blackbeard at 10 Downing Street; Label: Celluloid/Studio 16
New Age Steppers - Observe Life
Album: Massive Hits vol. 1; Label: On-U Sound
Shigeto - Miss U
Album: No Better Time than Now; Label: Ghostly International
The Starseeds - Parallel Life
Album: she - a female trip-hop experience; Label: Sonic Images
Ian Simmonds - Fathom's Down
Album: Return to X; Label: !K7
The KLF - No More Tears
Album: The White Room; Label: Arista
Stasis - In from the Cold
Album: History of Future 12" EP; Label: MoWax Excursions/A&M
Mutant Frogs - The Sunken Portal
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Iota - Perceptual Shutdown
Album: 12"; Label: Mental Groove
Mpls. Dub Ensemble - Revolution Dub
Album: band's myspace; Label: self-release
The Orb - Towers of Dub
Album: U.F.Orb; Label: Island
Shiina Ringo - Souretsu
Album: Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana; Label: Toshiba/EMI
The Trojans - The Great British Spliff
Album: For Your Protection - The Best of...; Label: Moon Ska
The Selecter - The Avengers Theme
Album: String Theory; Label: Vocaphone
Ranking Ann - A Slice of English Toast
Album: A Slice of English Toast; Label: Ariwa
Delia Derbyshire - The Wizard's Laboratory
Album: Electrosonic; Label: glo-spot
Mutant Frogs - Pro-Pleasure Gas (Sherwood's Voovie Doo Dub)
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Air Date: 
April 2, 2014