1/25/2008 MN Soundtrack


*Heiruspecs/Wardrums feat. Martin Devaney/10 Years Strong
*Atmosphere/YGM/Strickly Leakage/Rhymesayers
*Ellis/How Would It Be/Break the Spell/Rubberneck Records
*Bernie Gibbs King/Beautiful Angel/King/Self Released
*France Has the Bomb/World of Mirrors/unreleased

*Dance Band/Best Dance Alliance feat. BFF/Returns form the Land After Tomorrow
Mystery Palace/Every Hour/Flags Forward/Zod Records
Dosh/Everybody Cheer Up Song/The Lost Take/Anticon Records
Fort Wilson Riot/What Was the Part I Played/Idigaragua

*Chicane Theory/Decision/Lose Track of Time/NR Galaxy Music
Aviette/Ruling Planets/Until We Hear From Dave/Draw Fire Records
Tremble and Shake/King Cobra
Kid Koala/Skanky Panky/Some of My Best Friends are DJ's/Ninja Tune---oops not local dat was an acident
Kanser/Just for You/It Wrote Itself/Interlock

Lanspeeder/Need/Cobras,Cows, Courage/Moss Productions
Corpse Show Creeps/Werewolves/Blackblood Call/
Brother Ali/Forest Whitaker/Shadows on the Sun/Rhymesayers
Eydea Abilities/Star Destroyer/EA/Rhymesayers
Felt/Morris Day/A Tribute to Lisa Bonet/Rhymesayers

Carnage/Bring The Soul Back/
Booka B/Quality Programming feat. Eyedea and Abilities/Basementality

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Air Date: 
January 25, 2008

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