3/30/2014 Root Of All Evil


We gleefully anticipate next week's Carcass / Gorguts / Black Dahlia Murder show with some tracks and an early start to the pledge drive. Later, That Drummer Guy brings in an interview with Arsis.

Playlist Tracks: 
Black Sabbath - Johnny Blade
Album: Never Say Die!; Label: Warner Bros. Records
Black Sabbath - Hole In the Sky
Album: Sabotage; Label: NEMS Records
Black Sabbath - Children of the Grave
Album: Past Lives; Label: Sanctuary Records
Slayer - Jesus Saves
Album: Reign in Blood; Label: Def Jam Recordings
Slayer - Blood Red
Album: Seasons in the Abyss; Label: Def American
Iron Maiden - Genghis Khan
Album: Killers; Label: EMI Records
Iron Maiden - Twilight Zone
Album: Killers; Label: EMI Records
Kreator - World Beyond
Album: Coma of Souls; Label: Noise Records
Kreator - Hidden Dictator
Album: Coma of Souls; Label: Noise Records
Death - Trapped in a Corner
Album: Individual Thought Patterns; Label: Relativity Records
Death - Mentally Blind
Album: Individual Thought Patterns; Label: Relativity Records
Disturbed - Voice of Insanity
Album: Sampler #18; Label: Root Of All Evil Records
Bathory - Burnin Leather'
Album: Jubileum Volume II; Label: Black Mark Production
Dead Horse - Snowdogs
Album: Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers; Label: Big Chief
Impaled Nazarene - Armageddon Death Squad
Album: All That You Fear; Label: Osmose Productions
Entombed - Revel in Flesh
Album: Left Hand Path; Label: Earache
Black Dahlia Murder - The Blackest Incarnation
Album: Unhallowed; Label: Metal Blade Records
Gorguts - Metempsukhosis
Album: Demo Anthology; Label: Galy Records
Carcass - Corporal Jigsore Quandary
Album: Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious; Label: Earache
Arsis - Carve My Cross
Album: Unwelcome; Label: Nuclear Blast
Arsis - Sunglasses at Night (Corey Hart cover)
Album: Unwelcome; Label: Nuclear Blast
Whispered - Hold the Sword
Album: Shogunate Macabre; Label: Redhouse Finland Music Publishing
Artificial Brain - Brain Transplant
Album: Labyrinth Constellation; Label: Profound Lore Records
Destrage - Destroy Create Transform Sublimate
Album: Are You Kidding Me? No.; Label: Metal Blade Records
Narcotic Wasteland - Keeping Up with the Jones
Album: Narcotic Wasteland; Label: self-released
Cormorant - Sold as a Crow
Album: Earth Diver; Label: self-released
Behemoth - Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
Album: The Satanist; Label: Nuclear Blast
Hortus Animae - Chamber of Endless Nightmares
Album: Secular Music; Label: Flicknife Records
Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
Album: Tomb of the Mutilated; Label: Metal Blade Records
Morbid Angel - Rapture
Album: Covenant; Label: Earache
Nuclear Assault - Critical Mass
Album: Handle With Care; Label: In-Effect
Celtic Frost - Jewel Throne
Album: To Mega Therion; Label: Noise Records
Celtic Frost - Dethroned Emperor
Album: Morbid Tales; Label: Noise Records
Demolition Hammer - Mindrot
Album: Time Bomb; Label: Century Media Records
Sleep - Snowblind (Black Sabbath cover)
Album: Sleep's Holy Mountain; Label: Earache
Sleep - Dragonaut
Album: Sleep's Holy Mountain; Label: Earache
Ormgård - Hugsad
Album: Ohelgat Blot; Label: Scythe of Death Productions
Infernal Curse - The End upon Us
Album: The End upon Us; Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Gwar - Maggots
Album: Scumdogs of the Universe; Label: Master Records
Gwar - Slaughterama
Album: Scumdogs of the Universe; Label: Master Records
Gwar - Gor-Gor
Album: America Must Be Destroyed; Label: Metal Blade Records
Esoterica - Lessons in Forbidden Alchemy
Album: Aseity; Label: Forever Plagued Records
Аркона - Тропою Неведанной
Album: Гой, Роде, Гой!; Label: Napalm Records
Ethereal Sin - Wolves Howl In The Lunar Eclipse
Album: Millendium; Label: Self Released
Aura Noctis - Solitude
Album: Itineris I; Label: GH Records
Within Temptation - Whole World Is Watching
Album: Hydra; Label: Within Temptation Recordings
Dawn of Destiny - To Live Is To Suffer
Album: F.E,A.R.; Label: Phonotrax Publishing
Somnambulist Red - Birth Throes, Shadows, & Serpentine Curves
Album: Birth Throes, Shadows & Serpentine Curves; Label: Wraith Productions
Moonspell - Awake
Album: Irreligious; Label: Century Media
Katatonia - July
Album: The Great Cold Distance; Label: Peaceville Records
Aesma Daeva - Lysander
Album: The Eros of Frigid Beauty; Label: Root of All Evil Records
Anathema - The Lost Child
Album: Weather Systems; Label: Kscope Music
Air Date: 
March 30, 2014

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