3/30/2014 Strictly Butter

Playlist Tracks: 
Actress - Street Corp.
Album: Ghettoville; Label: Werkdiscs
Troller - ___
Album: Troller EP; Label: Holodeck
Afterhours - Spit At The Mirror
Album: Lowlife; Label: Not Not Fun
Voices From The Lake - Velo Di Maya
Album: Velo Di Maya EP; Label: The Bunker New York
Upwellings - Zu Zurich
Album: Zu Zurich Dubs EP; Label: Telrae
Cicuendez - Grapes
Album: Grapes EP; Label: Tools And Stuff
Peter Van Hoesen - Attack On The Reality Principle (Sigha remix)
Album: Receiver 1/3 EP; Label: Time To Express
Abstract Division - Compound Statement
Album: Structures EP; Label: Truesoul
Trikk - Bliss Drive
Album: Imun To The Keys EP; Label: Tzinah Records
Trikk - Back To Back
Album: Midnight Sequence EP; Label: Hypercolour
Sonartek - Rusty
Album: Link EP; Label: Moral Fiber
Vid - Camelie
Album: Camelie EP; Label: Brouqade
Sonartek - Link
Album: Link EP; Label: Moral Fiber
Mella Dee - MOAT
Album: Octofiga EP; Label: Scucci Manucci
Kry Wolf - Nightmode (Pedestrian remix)
Album: Nightmode EP; Label: Food Music
Djrum - DAM (Akkord remix)
Album: DAM Remixes EP; Label: 2nd Drop
Special Request - Mindwash
Album: Soul Music; Label: Houndstooth
Djrum - Turriya (Tessela remix)
Album: Mountains Pt. 1 EP; Label: 2nd Drop
Rainer Veil - Three Day Jag
Album: New Brutalism EP; Label: Modern Love
STL - Ghostly Ambition
Album: At Disconnected Moments; Label: Something Records
Thomas Rubeck - Plec
Album: Frames; Label: Kina Music
Air Date: 
March 30, 2014

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