Ikidowin Program: on First Person Radio 3/26/2014



Please join Laura Waterman Wittstock on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 as she talks with Brenna Depies of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force Ikidowin Program: the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Peer Education and Acting Ensemble. Two young actors will join her: 
Akili Day (aka Kiki)  from Bois Forte reservation.  Kiki joined our program midway through our first group learning the play in April 2012.  Since then he has performed with the summer program and been with our 2013 school year group since October.  Kiki has played multiple roles and filled quickly for others who weren't able to make it to the performance. One of Kiki's roles is the Narrator, he has the opening line of the play and the last line.  Kiki is 13 years old in seventh grade at Linwood Monroe Middle School in St. Paul.  He is really good at video games, has a big family and always willing to help out.  
Melisanda Tucker (aka Mel) is from Leech Lake Reservation.  Mel join our program just 4 months ago at the beginning of December.  Mel's older sister is in the program and told her about it.  Mel very quickly learned the lines of the play, and other people's lines too!  Mel is a very strong part of our group with a clear loud voice.  Even in our early performances Mel has been able to fill in when some students weren't available.  Mel does an excellent job as "Daisy" in the scene when Daisy tells Joe that she "...took a pregnancy test and it was positive". Melisanda is 13 years old in eighth grade at Green Central Park School.  Mel loves music, animals, she might be a pet sitter this summer, and is happy to try new things and help others.  
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Brenna Depies - Indigenous Peoples Task Force Prog. Dir.
Topics: Teen Pregnancy and AIDS prevention through dramatic works
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March 26, 2014

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