3/22/2014 The Lennie Chism Show, TLCS

Playlist Tracks: 
E&A - Man vs Ape
Album: E & A; Label: Ryhmsayers
de la soul - Say no go
Album: single; Label: tommy pos
DJ Qbert - Destination qyasar
Album: wave twister; Label: Galactic Butt hair recorrds
PortusHead - Glory Box
Album: single; Label: geffen
Nine Inch Nails - Something I can never have
Album: Natural Born Killers; Label: geffen
Mix Master Mike - Gang Tackle
Album: Ant left device; Label: grand royal
Immortal technique - Industrial revolution
Album: Revolutionary Versus volume 2; Label: Viper Records
DMX - Who we be
Album: single; Label: Def Jam
Ludacris - area codes
Album: rush hour soundtrack; Label: Def Jam
Tool - 46 and 2
Album: single; Label: Tool Dissectiona
Marz Volta - Cicatre ESP
Album: live album; Label: Gold Standard Laboratories
Lungs - Sermon on the Plain
Album: Lungs - Seld titled; Label: unsigned
Rage against the machine - Bomb track
Album: Rage against the Machine; Label: american
A perfect circle - outsider apocalyptic remix
Album: resident evil sountrack; Label: Tool Dissectiona
Spokes beard - all that is
Album: single; Label: giant electric pea
John Lennon - imagine
Album: imagine; Label: apple
Black Angels - The First Vietnamese War
Album: single; Label: light in the attic records
Rammstein - Ich will
Album: Mutter; Label: universal
Rammstein - Du Riech so gut
Album: Rammstein; Label: universal
Rammstein - Spiel mit mier
Album: Herzulied; Label: universal
2 pac - California lov
Album: single; Label: death row
A Tribe Called Quest - - Oh My God
Album: single; Label: jive
MIA - Bad Girls
Album: Matangi; Label: XL
No Time To Cry - - Sisters of Mercy
Album: First And Last And Always; Label: merciful release
Baroness - A Horse Called Golgotha
Album: Blue Record; Label: hyperrealist
Cradle of Filth - tonight in Flames
Album: thornography; Label: nuclear blast
Mobu & Kazi - Live is studio
Topics: Live music
Air Date: 
March 22, 2014

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