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Show of March 21, 2014 - If you could eat the state of Wisconsin, you'd be very happy

AMAME UNA VEZ MAS [Do That To Me One More Time in Spanish] - Captain And Tennille (1980)
WILL IT GO ROUND IN CIRCLES - Sunshine Sounds Productions Ltd. (1973)
WHEN I WAS YOUNG - Tina Turner (1984)
BLUE LETTER - Curtis Brothers (1976)
PRESENT ARRIVED - Tom Verlaine (1982)
MIDWEST [from Ronald McDonald Visits America] - Tim Bruckner, Steve Sanzo, Joe Perez, Louis Blumberg and Denny O'Toole (1980)
CAN'T SHAKE LOOSE [LP version] - Agnetha Faltskog (1983)
JAGUAR [Radio Edit] - Mavis Staples (1989)
TUBULAR BELLS [7" Mix] - Book Of Love (1988)
TEMPTATION EYES - Grass Roots (1968)
MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS - Ever-Green Blues (1968)
PRETTY GIRLS - Lisa Dal Bello (1979)
ONE MORE TRY - Timmy T (1990)
BACK OF MY HAND - Jags (1980)

Liner notes, courtesy of CFTP listener Tony D:

1. The Captain DARYL DRAGON and TONI TENNILLE met when Dragon was a member of the band in an environmentally-friendly musical revue she was writing called "Mother Earth" in 1965. Daryl, who was the son of composer Carmen Dragon (known for his Hollywood Bowl performances), eventually joined The Beach Boys, following his stint in the revue. He convinced them to hire Toni as a second keyboardist, and they toured with Mike Love and the gang for a year (Beach Boy Bruce Johnston even wrote some songs in the 70's that they recorded like "Disney Girls" and "I Write The Songs", a big hit for Barry Manilow). Soon, the couple were getting their own gigs, and eventually released a single, "The Way That I Want To Touch You", on Toni's own Butterscotch label. Then, it got picked up by A&M, and became a big hit. It was also recorded in Spanish as "Como Yo Quiero Sentorte". The b-side of the Spanish version was a version of "Broddy Bounce" entitled "El Rebote De Broddy". "Broddy Bounce" was also the b-side to their Spanish version of Neil Sedaka's "Love Will Keep Us Together" entitled "Por Amor Viviremos". They also recorded "Mis Canciones (The Good Songs)" in Spanish and of course, "Amame Una Vez Mas" ("Do That To Me One More Time"). Their last major label album was 1980's "Keeping Our Love Warm", but they did record "More Than Dancing" in 1982 for the now-defunct Wizard label out of Australia (The album was re-released on Raven Records as "More Than Dancing...Much More" in 2003, featuring 11 bonus tracks). Of course, here are some tidbits about Toni Tennille you might not know:

a) She sang back-up on Elton John's big hit, "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"
b) She sang back-up on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album
c) After touring with The Beach Boys for a year, she is still their one and only "Beach Girl".
d) Her sisters Jane, Louisa and Melissa are also musically talented, as they were all utilized as background singers on the duo's 1976 variety show.

2. "When I Was Young" was not TINA TURNER'S only b-side cover. Besides that Eric Burdon & The Animals tune, she's covered many other tunes as b-sides to her singles. Here are but a few of the originals that she's covered..."Take Me To The River" (Al Green) (b-side to "Break Every Rule"), "Let's Pretend We're Married" (Prince) (b-side to "Show Some Respect"), "Havin' A Party" (Sam Cooke)(b-side to "Two People"), and "Rock N' Roll Widow" (Tom Snow, from his S/T 1976 LP)(b-side to "What's Love Got To Do With It"). That's not to say some of her a-sides weren't covers as well. "Let's Stay Together" was a cover of the Al Green song, "Better Be Good To Me" was a Spider (Holly Knight) song, and (some Crapsters may not know this...) even the aforementioned "What's Love Got To Do With It" was a COVER. The British band Bucks Fizz actually recorded a demo of it several months before Tina got her hands on it! She did actually record an original version of something, though...The song "Don't Turn Around" was originally recorded by her as a b-side to her hit, "Typical Male". Some artists who later covered the song include Neil Diamond, Bonnie Tyler, Luther Ingram, and Aswad. Later, it became a huge hit in the 90's for the Swedish pop group Ace of Base.

3. THE CURTIS BROTHERS started out in the Indiana-based psych-folk band These Vizitors in 1965. They recorded a single with producer Phil Ramone in 1968, "For Mary's Sake" b/w "Happy Man". Singers Rick and Michael Curtis kept performing through the 70's, contributing to a Crazy Horse album ("At Crooked Lake") on Polydor. During their tenure with Polydor, they befriended a young Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. The four of them recorded a couple of demo songs. "Blue Letter" was one of them, and was re-recorded on Fleetwood Mac's self-titled 1975 album, when Stevie and Lindsey joined the group. The other demo was a song called "Seven League Boots", which was later turned into the hit "Southern Cross" by Crosby, Stills & Nash. The brothers recorded their own studio version of "Blue Letter" for their 1976 debut LP on Polydor. Their follow-up to that album on International Artists went unreleased, and they faded into obscurity. Mike later became a member of Hoyt Axton's (He wrote "Joy To The World" for Three Dog Night) backing band. Rick died in 1995, after suffering a seizure.

Another member of Hoyt Axton's band was guitarist Hank Barrio. He played guitar with Hoyt from 1979 to 1990. Earlier, though, he was a member of the Latino group, THE EVER-GREEN BLUES. They recorded the original version of "Midnight Confessions", a big hit for The Grass Roots later, but was written by The Blues' manager, Lou T. Josie (who also used the alias Jimmy King). Lou was a former member of the touring version of B. Bumble & The Stingers. Of course, this was after their period of making hits like "Nutrocker" and "Bumble Boogie". Lou would go on to write other instrumental and vocal hits such as "Fugitive" (recorded by The Ventures), "Hey Harmonica Man" (recorded by Stevie Wonder) and "We Can Make Music" (recorded by Tommy Roe). The Ever-Green Blues, meanwhile, evolved into the Latino funk band, Elijah, which played the L.A. area extensively. Although they were quite a tight horn band, they suffered from a lack of promotion. After two records, the band soon fizzled, and the members went their separate ways. Before they became Elijah, though, they were joined by a young man for a year, who was previously the lead singer for a band named Pacific Ocean. Who was this young man? His name was Edward James Olmos, and he later became a fine actor, appearing in the films "Stand And Deliver" and "Selena", among others!

4. MAVIS STAPLES' 12" of "Jaguar" is the highlight here, and seems to have followed on the heels of Phyllis Hyman's "Riding The Tiger", and foreshadowed Janet Jackson's "Black Cat" to come. There must be something about big cats and sex appeal here. Anyway, it comes from her album, "Time Waits For No One", produced by Prince. In fact, six of the album's songs were written by Prince, too. Mavis also recorded "Melody Cool", another Prince song, for the soundtrack to his film, "Graffiti Bridge". The title of that film actually comes from a real-life bridge that was once located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, but was torn down in the 90's.

5. BOOK OF LOVE'S most famous song is probably the dance-club anthem, "I Touch Roses", but they also recorded a version of "Tubular Bells", which was actually the first part of a 14-minute medley strung together with "Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls". "Pretty Boys..." was one of the first songs to deal with the consequences of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Other songs they recorded include the hit, "Modigliani (Lost In Your Eyes)", based on the works of Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani. The song also appeared in the film, "Planes, Trains & Automobiles". Their song "Sunny Day" was alsa film favorite, being featured in the classic "Silence Of The Lambs", in which bandmember Lauren Roselli appeared in a cameo. The band, featuring Lauren, plus Ted and Susan Ottaviano (no relation), have reformed, and have been rumored to be working on new material. By the way, their name was taken from the old Monotones song, and it just fit in with the romanticism of the 80's.

6. LISA DAL BELLO, or just plain Dalbello (as she is known) was born in Canada. At the tender age of 17, she recorded her first self-titled album with the legendary David Foster, fresh off his stints in the bands Skylark (with Donny Gerrard) and Attitudes and pre-Airplay. She was nominated for a Juno twice with her first album and it's follow-up, "Pretty Girls" (in which the title track was also recorded by Melissa Manchester). After her third album, "Drastic Measures", she needed to take a few of those measures to find out where she fit in the 80's musical landscape. Enter Mick Ronson, David Bowie's guitarist, who saw her in a CBC documentary and convinced her to make a fourth album. She retooled her image, and release the rockier "whomanfoursays", a long spelling of "human forces". She was now simply known as Dalbello, and the transformation worked. The album garnered 4 Juno nominations, and one of it's hit singles, "Gonna Get Close To You", was later covered by Queensryche ("Silent Lucidity"). She teamed up with Mick Ronson again, but her record company and her producer, Roger Davies, wanted a more commericial producer, and they nixed the idea, despite her objections and the fact that they had already recorded several demos together. So she secretly devised a plan to get her vision out to the public. She still was working with Ronson, but she took those same demos back to the record company. This time, though, she told them she was working with a new producer named Bill Da Salleo (which was nothing more than her name in an anagram). The record execs dug the new material (which was really the old material), and encouraged the project. To keep one step ahead of the execs, she recorded secretly at night, and just before delivering the album to her record company, she broke the news of Bill's untimely death. Of course, there was no "Bill" to begin with, so she really pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. Soon, though, the ruse was up, and her manager was questioning the commercial nature of the album again. This delayed the album for another 18 months, but finally, her vision of the album, "she", came out, and featured two of her biggest Canadian hits, "Black On Black" and "Tango". Subsequently, and partly because of a lack of artistic freedom, she cut ties with her label, Capitol, in 1990. She was considering teaming up with Ronson again, but a turn for the worse in his health delayed the project. Mick Ronson soon died of liver failure in 1993. She recorded one more album, "whore", in 1996, but since that time she has focused on writing for other artists like Nena, Heart, Julian Lennon, and others, and she has worked alongside some of her heroes and contemporaries like her friends, the aforementioned David Foster, Carole Bayer Sager, Holly Knight, Bryan Adams and Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. From a very young age, she has also worked on various commercials, including ones for Cheer detergent and Ford Motor Company, as well as providing voiceover work for the anime series, "Sailor Moon". Plus, she has also been heard recently announcing for CBC-TV. From 2002 to 2008, she had been an announcer for several CBC news programs and she was even heard introducing CBC newsman Peter Mansbridge each night on the news program, "The National".

7. THE JAGS were a British band from North Yorkshire, who had a minor power pop hit with "Back Of My Hand". The lads, who were frequently compared (unfairly, IMHO) to Elvis Costello, were actually influenced by a wide variety of bands and artists such as Thin Lizzy, The Clash and Bruce Springsteen. Their breakout hit was deemed such a success out of the box that their record company, Island, commissioned three separate versions of it. The 12" EP version of "Back Of My Hand" was released as a 45', too, in the UK, and has this version is the simplest, most basic version. The song was re-recorded in 1980 for the UK version of their album, "Evening Standards". A totally different version appeared on the U.S. version of the album. That version was mixed by Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes of The Buggles. That third version, with it's fuller, more reverb-heavy sound, was clearly a fan favorite! The group also released a follow-up in 1982, a play on words titled "No Tie Like A Present", but with a lack of direction and internal tensions within the group, the band decided to call it a day. But, to this day, no one did power pop finer than these guys!

Playlist Tracks: 
Captain And Tennille - Amame Una Vez Mas
Album: 45; Label: Casablanca 1980
Sunshine Sounds Productions Ltd. - Will It Go Round In Circles
Album: Super 73; Label: Sunshine Sounds 1973
Tina Turner - When I Was Young
Album: 12"; Label: Capitol 1984
Curtis Brothers - Blue Letter
Album: Curtis Brothers; Label: Polydor 1976
Tom Verlaine - Present Arrived
Album: Words From The Front; Label: Warner Bros. 1982
Tim Bruckner, Steve Sanzo, Joe Perez, Louis Blumberg and Denny O'Toole - Midwest
Album: Ronald McDonald Visits America; Label: Casablanca 1980
Agnetha Faltskog - Can't Shake Loose
Album: Wrap Your Arms Around Me; Label: Polydor 1983
Mavis Staples - Jaguar [Radio Edit]
Album: 12"; Label: Paisley Park 1989
Book Of Love - Tubular Bells [7" Mix]
Album: 12"; Label: Sire 1988
Grass Roots - Temptation Eyes
Album: The Complete Original Dunhill/ABC Hit Singles; Label: Real Gone 2014/1968
Lisa Dal Ballo - Pretty Girls
Album: Pretty Girls; Label: Talisman 1979
Donna Summer - Donna Summer Mega-Mixx
Album: 12"; Label: Mega-Mixx
Timmy T - One More Try
Album: bleh; Label: bleh
Jags - Back Of My Hand
Album: Evening Standards; Label: Island 1980
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March 21, 2014

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