3/19/2014 Freewheelin'

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The photos at the right are of Buthch Thompson & Pat Donohue plus Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde. -
Album: ; Label:
THEME SONG: Dave Alvin (2000) - Walk Right In
Album: Public Domain: Songs From the Wild LandS; Label: Hightone
2nd Hour Songs start here: Ry Cooder (1976) - Smack Dab in the Middle
Album: Chicken Skin Music; Label: Warner
Eric Koskinen (2014) - Both of Me
Album: American Theatre; Label: Real Phonic
Junior Brown (1996) - Venom Wearin' Denim
Album: Semi-Crazy; Label: Curb
Junior Brown (2012) - Hang Up & Drive
Album: Volume 10; Label: Junior Brown dot com
Webb Wilder (2005) - Move It
Album: About Time; Label: Landslide
Junior Brown (2001) - Kansas City
Album: Mixed Bag; Label: Curb
The Devil's Daughter - Pass That Bottle
Album: internet; Label: n/a
Nick Moss (2001) - Playing By The Rules
Album: Got A New Plan; Label: Blue Bella
Album: ; Label:
The Turtles (1967) - Like The Seasons (Warren Zevon song)
Album: Happy Together ; Label: White Whale
Flo & Eddie (1973) - Afterglow
Album: Flo & Eddie; Label: Reprise
Concrete Blonde (1994) - Ghost of A Texas Ladies Man
Album: Recollection; Label: IRS
The Blasters (1981) - Border Radio
Album: The Blasters; Label: Slash
The Blasters (1980) - Crazy Baby
Album: American Music; Label: Hightone
The Cruel Sea (2003) - This Is Not The Way Home
Album: We Don't Work, We Play Music; Label: Universal
Ike Stubblefield (2013) - Righteous
Album: Righteous; Label: n.a.
FIRST HOUR: Oops, I typed the second hour at the top of this list….so from here to the end, it'll be songs from the 1st hour: -
Album: ; Label:
Nick Lowe (1979) - Cracking Up
Album: Quiet Please; Label: Yep Roc Records
The Deadfields (2014) - Cuttin' Ties
Album: Often Wrong/Never In; Label:
Paul Geremia (2011) - Shuckin' Sugar Blues
Album: Love My Stuff; Label: Red House
Butch Thompson & Pat Donohue (2012) - Vicksburg Blues
Album: Vicksburg Blues; Label: Bluesky
PAT DONOHUE live in studio -
Album: ; Label:
Pat Donohue live performance - Trouble In Mind
Album: ; Label:
Pat Donohue performed live - Papa Mama Blues
Album: ; Label:
Butch Thompson & Pat Donohue (2012) - If I Had You
Album: Vicksburg Blues; Label: Bluesky
Pat Donohue performed live - West Coast Blues
Album: ; Label:
Butch Thompson & PAt Donohue (2012) - Mean Mistreater Blues
Album: Vicksburg Blues; Label: Bluesky
Pat Donohue (2011) - Too Gone
Album: Nobody's Fault; Label: Bluesky
The Holmes Brothers (2014) - Stayed At The Party
Album: Brotherhood; Label: Alligator
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March 19, 2014

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