3/16/2014 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Detectives Old and New.

Garson Krebs, P.I. is on the trail of a war criminal on behalf of the British MI5 in The Man With a Past.  Written by Larry Weiner and Produced by Angelo Panetta for The Radio Repertory Company of America.

And Dick Powell stars as Richard Diamond, P.I. in a 1951 case called A Man With a Scar.  The series began on NBC in 1949 and moved to ABC radio in 1951.  Dick Powell usually ended each of the episodes singing a song to his girlfriend, but this is one of the later shows and he has no song in this one.  Richard Diamond has an easy manner and a quick wit in the radio series, unlike the tougher version of Diamond in the TV series, as played by David Janssen.

Playlist Tracks: 
Radio Repertory Company of America - A Man With a Past
Album: Garson Krebs, P. I. ; Label: rrca.com
Dick Powell - The Man With a Scar
Album: Richard Diamond, P. I.; Label: ABC radio network
Air Date: 
March 16, 2014

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