3/16/2014 Root Of All Evil


Vermin spins some Primordial in a nod to St. Patty's, then spends an hour reminding us that Scandinavians can get drunk and dirty too.

Playlist Tracks: 
Judas Priest - Painkiller
Album: Painkiller; Label: Columbia Records
Anvil - Green Jesus
Album: Absolutely No Alternative; Label: Massacre Records
Black Sabbath - Master of Insanity
Album: Dehumanizer; Label: I.R.S. Records
Destruction - Mad Butcher
Album: Sentence of Death (EP); Label: Steamhammer
Primal Fear - Promised Land
Album: Primal Fear; Label: Nuclear Blast
Slayer - Raining Blood
Album: Decade of Aggression; Label: Def American
Megadeth - Take No Prisoners
Album: Rust in Peace; Label: Capitol Records
Morbid Angel - Lord of All Fevers & Plague
Album: Altars of Madness; Label: Earache
Kreator - Coma of Souls
Album: Coma of Souls; Label: Noise Records
Anthrax - Got the Time (Joe Jackson cover)
Album: Persistence of Time; Label: Island Records
Bruce Dickinson - Road to Hell
Album: Accident of Birth; Label: CMC International Records ‎
Celtic Frost - The Usurper
Album: To Mega Therion; Label: Noise Records
Dethklok - Go Forth and Die
Album: The Dethalbum; Label: Williams Street Records
Belphegor - Shred For Sathan
Album: Bondage Goat Zombie; Label: Nuclear Blast
Primordial - To the Ends of the Earth
Album: Imrama; Label: Cacophonous Records
Primordial - The Golden Spiral
Album: The Gathering Wilderness; Label: Metal Blade Records
Primordial - Lain With the Wolf
Album: Redemption at the Puritan's Hand; Label: Metal Blade Records
Entombed - But Life Goes On
Album: Left Hand Path; Label: Earache
Entombed - Sinners Bleed
Album: Clandestine; Label: Earache
Entombed - Serpent Saints
Album: Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments; Label: Threeman Recordings
Dismember - Skinfather
Album: Indecent and Obscene; Label: Nuclear Blast
Edge of Sanity - Lost
Album: The Spectral Sorrows; Label: Black Mark Production
Grave - And Here I Die
Album: Soulless; Label: Century Media Records
Marduk - The Black...
Album: Dark Endless; Label: No Fashion Records
Wolfbrigade - Peace of Mind
Album: Damned; Label: Southern Lord
Wolfpack - Power and Greed
Album: Allday Hell; Label: No Tolerance Records
Skitsystem - När Ska Ni Fatta?
Album: Allt E Skit; Label: Distortion Records
Disfear - The Final Of Chapters
Album: Misanthropic Generation; Label: Relapse Records
General Surgery - Necrocriticism
Album: Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism; Label: Listenable Records
In Flames - Lunar Strain
Album: Lunar Strain; Label: Wrong Again Records
Interment - Stench of Flesh
Album: Into the Crypts of Blasphemy; Label: Pulverised Records
Krigshot - Vår Samtid
Album: Maktmissbrukare; Label: Sound Pollution Records
Genocide Superstars - Danger Danger
Album: III: Superstar Destroyer; Label: Relapse Records
Suffer - Temporary Sane
Album: Structures; Label: Napalm Records
Emperor - The Burning Shadows of Silence
Album: In the Nightside Eclipse; Label: Candlelight Records
Gorgoroth - Ritual
Album: Pentagram; Label: Embassy Productions
Inquisition - Spirital Plasma Evocation
Album: Obscure Verses for the Multiverse; Label: Season of Mist
Bethlehem - Schuld Uns'res Knöch'rigen Faltpferd's
Album: Alles tot; Label: Amortout Productions
The Abyss - Mörkrets vandring
Album: The Other Side; Label: Nuclear Blast
Diamond Eyed Princess - Tüm Fornorhvok
Album: Korlgueläal; Label: Northern Silence Productions
Hate Eternal - Nailed to Obscurity
Album: Conquering the Throne; Label: Wicked World Records
Pantheon I - Written in Sand
Album: Worlds I Create; Label: Candlelight Records
Void of Silence - Opus II. With No Half - Measure
Album: Criteria ov 666; Label: Code666 Records
Darkside - The Fallen
Album: Cognitive Dissonance; Label: Season of Mist
...and Oceans - The Black Vagabond and the Swan of Two Heads
Album: The Symmetry of I - The Circle of O; Label: Season of Mist
God Forbid - N2
Album: Out of Misery; Label: We Put Out
Limbonic Art - Pits of the Cold Beyond
Album: Ad Noctum - Dynasty of Death; Label: Nocturnal Art Productions
Virus - Stalkers of the Drift
Album: The Black Flux; Label: Season of Mist
Amoral - If not Here, Where?
Album: Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows; Label: Imperial Cassette
Whispered - Kappa
Album: Shogunate Macabre; Label: Redhouse Finland Music Publishing
Black Sabbath - Megalomania
Album: Sabotage; Label: NEMS Records
铁骑 / Tengger Cavalry - Summon the Warrior
Album: 远古呼唤 / Ancient Call; Label: Metal Hell Records
Kraton - Jangka Jayabaya
Album: The Nusantara Chronicles; Label: self-released
Munarheim - The Last Unicorn (America Cover)
Album: Nacht und Stürme werden Licht; Label: RecordJet
Solstice - West Wind
Album: Prophecy; Label: Esoteric Recordings
Air Date: 
March 16, 2014

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