3/14/2014 Jet Set Planet


Episode #449 - He's got such a supple wrist
N=artist's debut on the program

Playlist Tracks: 
Group 1 - A Powdered Wig
Album: Brothers Go to Mothers; Label: RCA
Buddy Morrow - Ding Dong
Album: Bostella; Label: Mercury
Googie Rene - Cool it at the Coliseum
Album: Romesville!; Label: tiara
Enoch Light - Walk On By
Album: Spaced Out; Label: Project 3
Laurie Johnson - Happy Go Lively
Album: Music for TV Dinners; Label: Scamp
John Doremus - TV Commercials
Album: The Best of ….; Label: KNXR
Keith Mansfield - Life of Leisure #9
Album: Sound Gallery; Label: Scamp
Harry Roche Constellation - You've Got Possibilities
Album: Sometimes; Label: Cherry
The Mary Kaye Trio - Man's Favorite Sport
Album: Night Life; Label: 20th Century
Fisherman - The Walk
Album: S.S. Exotik; Label: Fisherman
{N}Sun Ra - Medicine for a Nightmare
Album: SuperSonic Jazz; Label: Evidence
Martin Denny - Day Elight (#4)
Album: Exotic Percussion; Label: Liberty
Chaino - Secret Jungle Path
Album: Eye of the Spectre; Label: Baccus
Ron Goodwin - Mercury Gets the Message
Album: Music in Orbit; Label: Columbia
Russ Garcia - Monsters of Jupiter
Album: Fantastica; Label: Liberty
Billy Strange - Put a Little Lead in your Zeppelin
Album: Bunny O'Hare; Label: Aire
Martin Denny - Tiki
Album: Exotica Suite; Label: Liberty
Bobby Christian - Midnight Sun
Album: Strings for a Space Age; Label: AF
The Tiki Tones - Green Bananas
Album: Princess Pupule Mix Two; Label: PPR
The Jim Doherty Trio - Ladies Wear
Album: Roaring Blue; Label: Psychic Circle
Piero Piccioni - Narcotics Bureau
Album: Puppet on a Chain; Label: DC3
David Shire - Money Montage
Album: Taking of Pelham One Two Three; Label: FCM
Clyde Borly - Taboo
Album: Music in 5 Dimensions; Label: ATCO
Marty Manning - Night on Bald Mountain
Album: Twilight Zone; Label: Columbia
Billy Strange - Everybody's Goin to Mexico
Album: Bunny O'Hare; Label: Aire
Les Baxter - 5 Good Ones and End Titles
Album: Panic in Year Zero; Label: LaLa
Harry Roche Constellation - Pinball Wizard
Album: Spiral; Label: Cherry
Air Date: 
March 14, 2014

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