3/13/2014 Rocket Ship Ska Trip


3/13 in a nutshell…

The “Ooh” was pretty evenly split between being “Worldwide Women of Ska Part 2” and simply being a good ole Opening Oldies Hour (and 20min.) On the archive, you can hear records by Rita Marley, Jenny Taylor, Dawn Penn, and classic ska duets by Fay & Gabby, Sugar & Dandy, Derrick & Patsy and more. The set was rounded out with some choice instros by Raymond Harper, Roy Richards and Roland Alphonso as well as a few goodies by guys like Robert Marley (pre-Wailers), Lord Brynner and Desmond Dekker. Sherwood got one of his CATs (calendar-album tracks) on, this week by the psychedelically percussive Hal Blaine, and spent some more time in his “GALaxy” (spinning Lydia Lunch, Eartha Kitt, Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Nina Hagen and, of course Shiina Ringo) and also made room for Kev Hopper, Señor Coconut and The Beepers (who all happen to be named Giorgio Moroder, btw) to ease us into The Home Stretch. And guess what? The regular features were back! Jazz Jamaica All Starslaunched the GotchaSAKvered Ska Cover-of-the-Month selection for March, the Don D classic “Confucious.” We had a 5@5:05 of ska bands playing things that aren’t strictly-speaking ska (perhaps furthest-afield, or perhaps not, were cumbias by Melbourne Ska Orchestra andCabernet Deneuve), and Runa Miyoshida, St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review and Begoña Bang Matu took us to the wrap-up, but not before Sara McAllister covered Stephen Stills… and in fine style, for what it’s worth! If ya want more fine styles, ska-wise and otherwise next week, tune in… and stay tuned!

Playlist Tracks: 
Tommy McCook with Baba Brooks Band - Rocket Ship (2:39)
Album: 45; Label: Treasure Isle
Rita Marley - One More Chance (2:21)
Album: v.a. Wailers & friends; Label: Heartbeat/Studio 1
Jenny Taylor - Come Lay some Lovin' on Me (3:21)
Album: v.a. Club Reggae 3cd box set; Label: Trojan
Fay & Gabby - Sweeter & Sweeter (2:31)
Album: 45; Label: Worldisc
Derrick & Naomi - I Wish I Were an Apple (2:30)
Album: 45; Label: Ska Beat
Sugar & Dandy - I'm Not Crying Now (2:27)
Album: 45; Label: Carnival
Dawn Penn - Blue Yes Blue (3:18)
Album: 45; Label: Prince Buster
Girl Satchmo & the Les Dawson Combo - Brother Joe (2:21)
Album: 45; Label: Blue Beat
Shirley & the Rude Boys - Gently Set Free (2:46)
Album: 45; Label: Blue Beat
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - 60Hz. Ska (2:43)
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - ('bout half of) 5 Fingers of Ska (2:02)
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Raymond Harper - Cool Breeze (2:19) (a.k.a. "Sea Breeze," "Breeze of the West")
Album: v.a. Coconut Ska; Label: King Edwards
The Techniques - I Love You (2:28)
Album: Little did You Know; Label: Treasure Isle
Soul Bros. - Mr. Kiss a Bang Bang (3:11)
Album: v.a. Studio 1 Rude Boy; Label: Soul Jazz/Studio 1
Robert Marley - Do You Still Love Me (2:29)
Album: 45; Label: Beverley's
Roy Richards - Warm and Tender Ska (2:57)
Album: 45; Label: Coxsone
The Personalities - Hey Lirrle Girl (2:18)
Album: 45; Label: Ska Beat
The Soulettes - La La Lover (2:14)
Album: 45; Label: Coxsone
Clue J & the Blues Blasters - Little Willie (2:04)
Album: 45; Label: Coxsone
Cecil Lloyd & Roland Alphonso - Oceans 11 (3:40)
Album: v.a. All Star Top Hits; Label: All Star/Studio 1
Don Drummond - Addis Ababa (2:25)
Album: In Memory of...; Label: Studio 1
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Penguin On Vacation (4:41)
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Lord Brynner (& the Shieks) - Teach Me to Ska (a.k.a. "Teach the Ska") (3:57)
Album: 45; Label: C and N
Granville Williams Orchestra - Honky Tonk Ska (2:52)
Album: 45; Label: GWO
Desmond Dekker - King of Ska (2:40)
Album: 45; Label: Beverley's
Tommy McCook - Ska Jam (2:45)
Album: 45; Label: Caltone
The Muskyteers (a.k.a. The Silvertones) - Kiddy-O (2:58)
Album: v.a. The Upsetter; Label: Trojan
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Sherwood's Planet (3:01)
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Hal Blaine - Kaleidoscope (March) (2:20)
Album: Psychedelic Percussion; Label: Dunhill/Harkit
Della Reese - Always True To You in My Fashion (3:12)
Album: Cha Cha Cha; Label: RCA
Mastretta - Andrea Doria (ft. Ana Belen) (4:03)
Album: s-t; Label: minty fresh
Anjali - Misty Canyon (4:20)
Album: The World of Lady A; Label: wiiija
Shiina Ringo - Yattsuke Shigoto (5:07)
Album: Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Lydia Lunch - Lady Scarface (3:12)
Album: Queen of Siam; Label: ZE/XXX/Atavistic
Combustible Edison - Laura's Aura (6:28)
Album: the impossible world; Label: Sub Pop
Perfume - all Disney big-band medley (4:10)
Album: (tv special) Minna wo Tsunagu Mahou no Melody (airdate Wed. 8/14/13); Label: NHK
Lydia Lunch - A Cruise to the Moon (3:54)
Album: Queen of Siam; Label: ZE/XXX/Atavistic
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Jungles of the Galaxy (6:18)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Super Scooter Happy (5:51)
Album: Nanda Collection; Label: unBORDE/Warner JP
Eartha Kitt - Jonny (2:51)
Album: heavenly eartha; Label: bluebird
Capsule - Ocean Blue - Sky Orange (4:17)
Album: sf - sound furniture; Label: contemode
Nina Hagen - Flying Saucers (3:12)
Album: Fearless; Label: Columbia/Koch
Kev Hopper - Skitch Pics (7:37)
Album: Whispering Foils; Label: Drag City Inc.
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Ocean Moon (5:01)
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Jaymz Bee & the Royal Jelly Orchestra - Run To You 3:27)
Album: shakin' and stirred; Label: Milan
Senor Coconut - Da Da Da (3:14)
Album: Around the World; Label: essay/Nacional
The Beepers (Giorgio Moroder) - Love Is You (3:23)
Album: On the Groove Train Vol. 2 1974-1985; Label: Repertoire
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - One for Freetime (3:08)
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Jazz Jamaica All Stars - Confucious (8:12)
Album: Massive; Label: Dune
Open Season - Ready for You (3:39)
Album: Hot and Fire; Label: Megalith
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Flying Frog Foo! (4:43)
Album: unrl.; Label: Skankworks/IMT
The Skatalites - Wild Honey (3:15) (rocksteady)
Album: Bashaka; Label: Marston
The Jinkies - Studio J (4:34) (reggae)
Album: s-t; Label: Kingpin
The Selecter - A Prince Among Men (5:36) (reggae)
Album: String Theory; Label: Vocaphone
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - He's a Tripper (3:17) (cumbia)
Album: s-t; Label: four | four
Cabernet Deneuve - Friends (2:56) (cumbia)
Album: Help Is Coming; Label: Alliance
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - De '50s in Dub (3:00)
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - I'm So Sorry (4:17)
Album: Smoking in Heaven; Label: Verve/Forecast
Beth Hart - Bang Bang Boom Boom (3:35)
Album: cd single; Label: Provogue
The Skalars - Mixed Blessing (4:33)
Album: Change Up; Label: Moon Ska
Sara McAllister - For What It's Worth (2:31)
Album: Pheetown Girl; Label: Jayder
Runa Miyoshida - Touch (3:24)
Album: Ska Flavor loves Anison; Label: @Lounge
St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review - Too Good to Be True (3:19)
Album: Too Good to Be True; Label: Megalith
Begoña Bang Matu & the Shake-It-Ups - Have Fun (2:20)
Album: Have Fun; Label: Brixton
(non-Froggie bumper) Perfume - (most of) Kareshi Boshuu Chuu (3:43)
Album: cd single; Label: Momiji
(non-Froggie bumper) SKAndalous All Stars - (excerpt) The End (1:33)
Album: Age of Insects; Label: Shanachie
Air Date: 
March 13, 2014

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