3/12/2014 ECHO CHAMBER


Two real exciting new releases tonight in Dub Spencer & Trance Hill's "Burroughs In Dub" (Echo Beach), and the self-titled "Prince Fatty vs. Mungo's Hi-Fi" (Mr. Bongo). The excitement continued with the debut of Papa Sambor's "Mystic Garden" (Dubopionic), plus Rod Anton & the Ligerians' upcoming release "WEvolution" (Wall On Stage). But we weren't done there: more excellent releases including: Ashley's "Babylon Institution" on Dubkey; Digid's "Dub 2 Babylon" (on MindStep); Oli Olinga's "Love Me or Leave Me" single on CrudoBilbao; and Daleth Karl's "People" single on Sugar Shack (mixed by RSD).  Coming from the archives, we had the pleasure of airing one of a boatload of digitally remastered early Michael Rose singles - which good friend Eric Blowtorch has made his passion - plus the new 20th Anniversary re-release of the 1994 ethno-electronic classic"Maya" album from Banco de Gaia (on Disco Gecko), and the re-released "Good Life" album from the incomparable Heptones. On top of all these new releases, we continued to celebrate the ladies as part of National Women's History Month, including: Hollie Cook,  The Angel, Suphala, Sinead O'Connor, L&S SymfHoney, Likkle Mai, Kirsty Rock (with Trumysic), Ari Up & the Slits, J.C. Lodge, Pauline Black (with The Selecter), Blood Sisters, Little Annie, Lisa Shaw, Jean Binta Breeze, Catherine Howe, Ill:Esha, and Jagha (of Ragana).

Note: * indicates recent releases and newly re-released material


Playlist Tracks: 
*Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Dead Souls (ft. Wm. S. Burroughs)
Album: William S. Burroughs in Dub; Label: Echo Beach
*Prince Fatty vs. Mungo's Hi-Fi - Sugar Water (ft. Hollie Cook) (Mungo's Mix)
Album: Prince Fatty vs. Mungo's Hi-Fi; Label: Mr. Bongo
Ragana - Prayer
Album: So Many Reverbs to Cross; Label: Universal Egg
*Papa Sambor - Burn da Faja (intro)/Blask in Fisher Dub
Album: Mystic Garden; Label: Svaha Sound
Slightly Stoopid - Fat Spliffs
Album: Closer to the Sun; Label: Reincarnate Music
*Ashley - United Dub
Album: Babylon Institution; Label: DubKey
The Angel - KiDulthood (opening theme)
Album: N/A; Label: SupaCrucial
Banco de Gaia - Sunspot (100th Monkey & Mr Noisy Return to Qurna Remix)
Album: Maya 20th Anniversary Edition (3-CD); Label: Disco Gecko
*Rod Anton & the Ligerians - Like the Humminngbird
Album: WEvolution (upcoming release); Label: Wall On Stage
Michael Rose - Observe Life
Album: 45; Label: Tit for Tat
*Digid - Dub 2 Babylon (Dub ver.)
Album: Dub 2 Babylon; Label: Mindstep
*Kanka - Ghost of Dub
Album: Watch Your Step; Label: Dubalistik
Suphala - Underwater City
Album: Blueprint; Label: Suphala Prod.
*Daleth Karl - People Dub(RSDmix)
Album: People single; Label: Sugar Shack
*Novalima - Mamaye (Nappy Riddem Remix)
Album: N/A; Label: free download
*Aldubb - You Don't Have to Ask (ft. Wildlife)
Album: Iron A Wail/You Don't Have to Ask (single); Label: Irie Ites
*Zion Dirty Sound - Mariama Dub
Album: N/A; Label: Soundcloud.com
*The Heptones - Natural Mystic
Album: Good Life ; Label: Greensleeves / VP (reissue)
*Oli Olinga - Love Me or Leave Me
Album: digital single; Label: CrudoBilbao
*Oli Olinga - Love Me or Dub
Album: digital single; Label: CrudoBilbao
Sinead O'Connor - Intro
Album: Throw Down Your Arms (Deluxe ed.); Label: That's Why there's Chocolate and Vanilla
Sinead O'Connor - Jah Nuh Dead
Album: Throw Down Your Arms (Deluxe ed.); Label: That's Why there's Chocolate and Vanilla
L&S SymfHoney - Mr. & Miss Injustice
Album: Out of Many... One Sound; Label: Malyshe Prod.)
Likkle Mai - Zion Eyes
Album: Mairation; Label: MK Starliner
Asante Amen - Till the Soil
Album: Country Hi-Fi Presents: Till the Soil (single); Label: Asante Amen & Country Hi-Fi
Kukan Dub Lagan - New World of Joy
Album: N/A; Label: free download
Trumystic - Sa Dub
Album: Dub Power; Label: TMG
Trumystic - Chino Pablo
Album: Dub Power; Label: TMG
Little Tempo - Likkle inna Beatbox (ft. Likkle Mai)
Album: Kedaco Sounds; Label: Cutting Edge
Little Tempo - Yuge*Dub*81 (ft. Likkle Mai)
Album: Kedaco is Born; Label: Cutting Edge
Dry & Heavy - Love Explosion
Album: Full Contact; Label: BSI
Lisa Shaw - Inside My Love
Album: Free; Label: Salted
Little Dragon - Thunder Love
Album: machine dreams; Label: Peacefrog
Jean Binta Breeze - Lovin Wasn Easy
Album: LKJ Presents v.a.; Label: LKJ
Piero Piccioni - It's Possible (ft. Catherine Howe)
Album: Il Dio Sotto la Pelle; Label: Easy Tempo
Helen Grayco - Lilly's Lament
Album: 45; Label: Vik
Little Annie - I Drop Your Name
Album: Pay It All Back vol. 5; Label: On-U Sound
Dry & Heavy - Lost World
Album: "One Punch"; Label: Beat
J.C. Lodge & Shorty the President - More Than I Can Say/Lover Man Style
Album: Joe Gibbs 12" Reggae Discomix Showcase vol. 2 v.a.; Label: 17 N. Parade/JGM
Blood Sisters - Ring My Bell
Album: Hustle! Reggae Disco - Kingston - London - New York; Label: Soul Jazz
Cabernet Deneuve - Friends
Album: Help Is Coming; Label: Alliance
Mickey Hart Band - Don't Let Your God Down
Album: Superorganism; Label: 360º Prod.
The Selecter - 667 (The Neighbour of the Beast)
Album: String Theory; Label: Vocaphone
The Slits - Partner from Hell
Album: Trapped Animal; Label: Narnack
Ranking Ann - Liberated Woman
Album: A Slice of English Toast; Label: Ariwa
The Slits - Can't Relate
Album: Trapped Animal; Label: Narnack
Ill:Esha - Razor Sharp
Album: Whiplash Recovery; Label: Gravitas
Nine Miles - If You Notice
Album: 45; Label: Jamming
Little Tempo - Exotica Lollipops Dub
Album: Kedaco Is Born; Label: Cutting Edge
Air Date: 
March 12, 2014