1/21/2008 Jet Set Planet


Jet Set Planet DJ Glen Leslie, and Higher-Than-Fi Researcher Steve Kyle amassed over 3 crates of used vinyl on a whirlwind, November thru December, on-the-cheap, record buying spree that took them to Toledo OH, Chicago IL, Blaine, MN and a few points in between. After extensive listening sessions reviewing these albums, it is now time to divvy up the load of gold between them.

But who CHOOSES first?

*denotes artist's debut on Jet Set Planet.

Playlist Tracks: 
Buddy Cole - Powerhouse
Album: Powerhouse!; Label: WB
Pete Drake - Tippy Toeing
Album: Pete Drake and His Taling Guitar; Label: Mountain Dew
Floyd Cramer - I wanna be free
Album: Floy Cramer Plays the Monkees; Label: RCA
Leroy Holmes - Tabatinga
Album: Leroy Holmes Goes Latin; Label: UA
Gary McFarland - Flea Market
Album: Does the Sun Really Shine on the Moon?; Label: SKYE
Phil Kraus - Jan
Album: The Percussive Phil Kraus; Label: Golden Crest
*Joe Torres - Nightwalk
Album: Latino Con Soul; Label: World Pacific
David Rose - Workin' On a Groovy Thing
Album: Happy Heart; Label: Capitol
Enoch Light - The Day of Anger
Album: The Best of the 1970 Movie Themes; Label: Project 3
Bob Crewe - Clementine Boo-ga-loo
Album: Music to Watch Birds By; Label: Dynavoice
Arthur Lyman - Marobi
Album: The Shadow of Your Smile; Label: Life
Jack de Mello - Love theme from the Legend of Palehua
Album: Voices in Paradise; Label: DOT
Dick Schory - Orinoco
Album: Dick Schory on Tour; Label: RCA
Sonny Lester - Lure of Passion
Album: How to Belly-Dance for Your Husband, Vol2; Label: Roulette
Ralph Curtiss Walter Gustafson - Columbia Stereo Balancing Test
Album: Action Stereo!; Label: Columbia
Dick Hyman - Memphis Two Step
Album: Fantomfingers; Label: Project 3
Bobby Byrne - The Pendullum Swings Both Ways
Album: Shades of Brass; Label: Evolution
Sammy Kaye - Batman
Album: Shall We Dance?; Label: Decca
Robert Maxwell - Smile
Album: Anytime; Label: Command
Anita Kerr Quartet - Mr Lucky
Album: We Dig Mancini!; Label: RCA
Harry Breuer - Minute Merengue
Album: Mallet Mischief; Label: Vol 2
Ted Heath Edmundo Ros - Daddy
Album: Heath vs. Ros; Label: Phase 4
*Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars - Architectonics
Album: Jazz Structures; Label: Philips
Lew Davies - The Witching Hour
Album: Strange Interlude; Label: Command
Shorty Rogers - Flowers for the Cats
Album: The Swingin' Nutcracker; Label: RCA
Peggy Lee - Ridin' High
Album: Things are Swingin'; Label: Capitol
Stan Kenton - Ride of the Valkyries
Album: Kenton Wagner; Label: Capitol
Dick Hyman - Sugarloaf
Album: Brailian Impressions; Label: Command
*Bernard Ebbinghouse - The Morning After
Album: Prudence and the Pill; Label: 20th Century Fox
Air Date: 
January 21, 2008

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