3/5/2014 Modern Kicks

Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Dirtnap; 2003
Reigning Sound - Break It
Album: Love and Curses; Label: In The Red; 2009
TacocaT - Snow Day
Album: NVM; Label: Hardly Art; 2014
The Eeries - Creep Me Out
Album: Philadelphia Cock & Roll Showcase; Label: Piss Drink; 2013
Forests - Ego Bender
Album: Split w/ White Lodge (7"); Label: Gary; 2013
The Resonars - If You've Got Trouble
Album: Unnamed Beatles' Comp; Label: Self-Released; 2014
The Courtneys - Lost Boys
Album: Lost Boys (Single); Label: Burger; 2014
The Steve Adamyk Band - Front to Back
Album: Monterrey (7"); Label: Horsehead; 2013
The Rangdangs - Doo Wop
Album: Yelling for Your Ears (CS); Label: Burger; 2013
Vivian Girls - The End
Album: Everything Goes Wrong; Label: In The Red; 2009
White Mystery - People Power
Album: People Power (7"); Label: Sea of Infamy; 2013
Diarrhea Planet - Separation Anxiety
Album: I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams; Label: Infinity Cat; 2013
Peach Kelli Pop - Mindreader
Album: Demos & Rarities (CS); Label: Lolipop; 2014
Fuzz - Till the End of the Day
Album: LAMC No. 10 (7"); Label: Famous Class; 2014
The Repalcements - Gimme Noise
Album: Stink; Label: Twin/Tone; 1982
Audacity - Watered Down
Album: Butter Knife; Label: Suicide Squeeze; 2013
Crocodiles - I Like It in the Dark
Album: Crimes of Passion; Label: Zoo Music; 2013
Shady & the Vamp - Let Me Know
Album: As We Told You Earlier; Label: Moi J'Connais; 2013
Ross de Chene Hurricanes - I Don't Really Care
Album: Don't Sweater It EP; Label: Self-Released; 2013
Fugazi - Two Beats Off
Album: Repeater + 3 Songs; Label: Dischord; 1990
Tony Molina - Breakin Up
Album: Six Tracks EP (7"); Label: Matador; 2013
Frankie Rose - You For Me
Album: Herein Wild; Label: Fat Possum; 2013
Old Lacy Bed - Little Girl
Album: Old Lacy Bed (7"); Label: Dufflecoat; 2013
The Shivas - No Waves
Album: Whiteout!; Label: K; 2013
Froth - Lost My Mind
Album: Patterns LP; Label: Lolipop; 2013
Natural Child - White Light/White Heat
Album: The Burger Tribute: Velvet Underground (CS); Label: Burger; 2013
Selfies - It's Automatic
Album: Bad Blood (CS); Label: Flesh Wave; 2013
Beneath Trees - Out to Sea
Album: Harvest EP; Label: Self-Released; 2013
Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band - Julie (Let's Hang Out a Little Longer)
Album: Promises to Deliver; Label: Self-Released; 2013
Air Date: 
March 5, 2014

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