2/28/2014 The Minnesota Sound

Playlist Tracks: 
The Vanishing Sies - The Map Is Not The Territory
Album: The Map Is Not The Territory; Label: Rotisserie
Pony Bwoy - Eph;Glss
Album: Pony Bwoy; Label: Totally Gross National Product
Cyrus Pireh & Hondorus - Concordia
Album: Cyrus Pireh & Hondorus; Label: Shinkoyo
Phantom Tails - Young Rapture
Album: Armagedon Experience; Label: s/r
Claps - Lies
Album: Lies/White Lies; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Blind Shake - Soft Zodiac
Album: Cold Town/Soft Zodiac; Label: Learning Curve
Suicide Commandos - Kidnapped
Album: Make a Record; Label: Blank
Curtis A - Victims of the Same Crime
Album: Damage Is Done; Label: Twin Tone
Cyrus Pireh - Music as Cultural Resistance
Album: Zome Home; Label: Zome Tapes
Milo Fine - Untitled
Album: Get Down Shove It! It's Tango Time; Label: Shih Shih Wu Ai
Joy/Luck - Live In Studio
Album: Unreleased; Label: Unreleased
Air Date: 
February 28, 2014

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