2/26/2014 Modern Kicks

Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Dirtnap; 2003
The Red Cords - La Beeve
Album: Red Heat EP; Label: PNKSLM; 2013
Cheatahs - Leave to Remain
Album: Cheatahs; Label: Wichita; 2014
Teenage Cool Kids - Thousand
Album: Denton After Sunset; Label: Dull Tools; 2011
Gino & the Goons - ___ Tamed
Album: Play Loud (12"); Label: Total Punk; 2013
The Sonics - Keep A-Knockin'
Album: The Savage Young Sonics; Label: Norton; 2001
The New Pornographers - Chump Change
Album: Electric Version; Label: Mint/Matador; 2003
The Men - Going Down
Album: Tomorrow's Hits; Label: Sacred Bones; 2014
Fugazi - Bad Mouth
Album: 13 Songs; Label: Dischord; 1989
The Wrong Words - I Will Change Your Mind
Album: I Will Change Your Mind (7"); Label: Trouble in Mind; 2013
Complications - Fixed
Album: Play Loud... & Pray Lords...; Label: Screamers; 2013
Nightmare Boyzzz - My Body Breaks Down
Album: Bad Patterns; Label: Slovenly; 2013
The Rentals - Waiting
Album: Return of the Rentals; Label: Reprise; 1995
The Rolling Stones - Complicated
Album: Between the Buttons (UK); Label: Decca; 1967
The Traps - All Night
Album: Boom Pow Awesome Wow; Label: Castle Face; 2014
Dinosaur Jr. - Pond Song
Album: Bug; Label: SST; 1988
Thee Mighty Fevers - High-School Riot
Album: Fuck'in Great R'n'R; Label: Deadbeat; 2013
together Pangea - River
Album: Badillac; Label: Harvest; 2014
The Dirtbombs - I Feel Good
Album: If You Don't Already Have a Look; Label: In the Red; 2005
Habibi - Let Me In
Album: Habibi; Label: Burger; 2013
La Luz - Pink Slime
Album: It's Alive; Label: Hardly Art; 2013
Sultan Bathery - Nightmare One
Album: Sultan Bathery; Label: Slovenly; 2014
Jawbreaker - Do You Still Hate Me?
Album: 24 Hour Revenge Therapy; Label: Tupelo/Communion; 1994
The Bad Lovers - Don't Tell Anyone
Album: Wild Times; Label: Burger City Rock n' Roll; 2013
Hag Face - Teenage Monster
Album: Hag Face (CS); Label: Self-Released; 2013
Mean Jeans - Don't Stop Partying
Album: On Mars; Label: Dirtnap; 2012
Mark Sultan - Go Berserk
Album: $; Label: Last Gang; 2010
Osker - The Body
Album: Idle Will Kill; Label: Epitaph; 2001
Bleeding Rainbow - Cut Up
Album: Interrupt; Label: Kanine; 2014
Lovely Legs - Everybody Knows
Album: Lovely Legs (7"); Label: Swashbucking Hobo; 2013
Speedy Ortiz - Everything's Bigger
Album: Real Hair; Label: Carpark; 2014
Air Date: 
February 26, 2014

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