2/23/2014 Root Of All Evil


Mara the Death is pumped that PaganFest announced a Minneapolis date, responds with a feast of Viking metal.

Playlist Tracks: 
Winterhymn - Stand Your Ground
Album: Songs for the Slain; Label: self-released
Varg - Horizont
Album: Guten Tag; Label: NoiseArt Records
Cthonic - Supreme Pain for the Tyrant
Album: 武徳 / Bú-Tik; Label: Spinefarm Records
Anthrax - Strap It On
Album: We've Come for You All; Label: Nuclear Blast
At the Gates - Suicide Nation
Album: Slaughter of the Soul; Label: Earache
Old Man's Child - The Spawn of Lost Creation
Album: Slaves of the World; Label: Century Media Records
Blood Feast - Vampire
Album: Kill for Pleasure; Label: New Renaissance Records
Primal Fear - Never Pray for Justice
Album: Delivering the Black; Label: Frontiers Records
Amorphis - Misery Path
Album: The Karelian Isthmus; Label: Relapse Records
Chimaira - Killing the Beast
Album: Resurrection; Label: Ferret Music
Borknagar - Urd
Album: Epochalypse; Label: Century Media Records
The Haunted - Shattered
Album: The Haunted; Label: Earache
Thyrfing - De ödeslösa
Album: De ödeslösa; Label: NoiseArt Records
Gartraada - Warriors of the 21st Century
Album: A Night of Winter Solstice; Label: Molot Records
Deceased - Planet Graveyard
Album: The 13 Frightened Souls; Label: Relapse Records
Earth Crisis - Eye of Babylon
Album: To the Death; Label: EMI
Black Countess - Of Octopus and Sodomizing Virgin
Album: The Language of Flesh; Label: MetalAgen
Thrym - Battleborn
Album: Thrym; Label: self-released
Майтрейя - The Stones Remember
Album: The Stones Remember; Label: self-released
Pallbearer - The Legend
Album: Sorrow and Extinction; Label: Profound Lore Records
Olde Growth - Brother of the Moon
Album: Owl; Label: Meteorcity Records
Sea Bastard - Door Sniffer
Album: Scabrous; Label: self-released
Stoneburner - We Have Failed
Album: Sickness Will Pass; Label: Neurotic Records
Witchden - If Hell Awaits
Album: Consulting the Bones; Label: self-released
Caravan of Whores - Crow Feet Eyes
Album: A Cosmic Interlude; Label: Kerosene Records
Moss - Maimed and Slaughtered
Album: Tombs of the Blind Drugged; Label: Rise Above Records
Pyramido - Calculating Doom
Album: Sand; Label: Totalrust Music
Korpiklaani - Petoeläimen kuola
Album: Manala; Label: Nuclear Blast
Candlemass - Solitude
Album: Epicus Doomicus Metallicus; Label: Black Dragon Records
Disgorge - Atonement
Album: Cranial Impalement; Label: Extremities Productions
Ethereal Sin - Wolves Howl in the Lunar Eclipse
Album: Millendium; Label: self-released
Sodom - The Art of Killing Poetry
Album: In War and Pieces; Label: Steamhammer
Satyricon - Mother North
Album: Nemesis Divina; Label: Moonfog Productions
Mechina - Aporia
Album: Empyrean; Label: self-released
Mechina - Asterion
Album: Empyrean; Label: self-released
Incubus - Serpent Temptation
Album: Serpent Temptation; Label: Brutal Productions
Benighted - Carnivore Sublime
Album: Carnivore Sublime; Label: Season of Mist
Amoral - If not Here, Where?
Album: Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows; Label: Imperial Cassette
Unleashed - Ragnarök
Album: Warrior; Label: Century Media Records
Divine Eve - The Last of the Sunset Faded
Album: As the Angels Weep; Label: Nuclear Blast
Limbonic Art - Pits of the Cold Beyond
Album: Ad Noctum - Dynasty of Death; Label: Nocturnal Art Productions
Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da
Album: Liebe ist für alle da; Label: Universal Records
Scorpions - Polar Nights
Album: Tokyo Tapes; Label: RCA Records
Claymore - On the Wings of Time
Album: Lament of Victory; Label: Sound Age Productions
Freedom Call - Knights of Taragon
Album: Beyond; Label: Steamhammer
Rhapsody of Fire - Rising from Tragic Flames
Album: Dark Wings of Steel; Label: AFM Records
Vanishing Point - Handful of Hope
Album: Distant Is the Sun; Label: AFM Records
Аркона - Память
Album: Гой, Роде, Гой!; Label: Napalm Records
Helloween - Open Your Life
Album: Rabbit Don't Come Easy; Label: Nuclear Blast
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
Album: Mob Rules; Label: Warner Bros Records
Joe Satriani - A Piece Of Liquid
Album: Crystal Planet; Label: Epic Records
Air Date: 
February 23, 2014

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