2/21/2014 The Minnesota Sound

Playlist Tracks: 
Web of Sunsets - California Moon
Album: Room of Monsters; Label: End of Time
Web of Sunsets - Desert Flowers
Album: Room of Monsters; Label: End of Time
Fat Animal - 7
Album: s/r; Label: s/r
Matt Arthur and the Bratlanders - Put Down Your Rifles
Album: Heavy on my Mind; Label: Rice County
Speed's the Name - Over and over
Album: Swell; Label: Zenith
Real Numbers - Can't Find a Way
Album: Real Numbers EP; Label: Bachelor
The Dropsteppers - Hold It In
Album: Get Up In It!; Label: Megalith
All The Pretty Horses - Space Oddity
Album: Queens and Angels; Label: TRG
Cyrus Pireh - If I Play Fast Enough It Will Turn To Food and Shelter
Album: Cyrus Pireh and Hondorus; Label: Shinkoyo
''' - untitled
Album: '''; Label: Jerome Foundation
Heat Death - untitled
Album: s/t; Label: s/r
Jonestown - Hoover
Album: All Day Sucker; Label: A Bomb
The Litter - Future of the Past
Album: Emerge; Label: Probe
Sleeping in the Aviary - Cellmate Soulmate
Album: single; Label: s/r
Mute Era - Only Voice
Album: Light Dreams of Darkness; Label: s/r
Detroit - Professor Unicorn
Album: Rock Made Flesh; Label: s/r
Air Date: 
February 21, 2014

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