2/21/2014 Catalyst: Politics and Culture

Playlist Tracks: 
Nina SImone - Young, Gifted & Black
Album: v/a Black Power:Music of a Revolution; Label: Shout
Diane Reeves - Eyes on the Prize
Album: Never Too Far; Label: EMI
Angela Davis - talk
Album: Priosn INdustrial Complex; Label: AK Press
Mumia Abu Jamal - Literacy
Album: commentaries; Label: Prison Radio
Niki Giovannie - Rose Who Grew From Concrete
Album: v/a: Rose Who Grew From Concrete: poems by Tipac Shakur; Label: Amaru
Curtis Mayfield - Keep on Keeping On
Album: Move on Up; Label: Castle
Reiss Romero - activist with Save The Kids
Topics: school-to-prison pipeline & Feb, 26 event at Central High School, St.Paul
Air Date: 
February 21, 2014

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