1/18/2008 Radio Rumpus Room


As has been our custom, our 12th annual Day The Surf Stood Still mid-winter surf show was broadcast from the frigid center of frozen Lake Calhoun. The show's theme this year was We Don't Care How They Do It In California; we gave the nod tonight to bands in the colder climes: The American Midwest and Mountain states, Canada, Northern Europe... you get the picture.

Playlist Tracks: 
SAVVY SHOW STARTER: The Titans - Motovation
Album: The Titans History; Label: no label
The Citations - Moonrace
Album: v/a Elemental Instrumentals; Label: Ace
The Greaseballs - Iguana
Album: Wake Up And Smell The Greaseballs; Label: no label
Laika The Cosmonauts - Salt Mine Twist
Album: Zero Gravity; Label: Upstart
The Awkwards - Rising Star
Album: Minimum Mainenance Music; Label: Obese Pirate
Knuckel Drager - Beatnik BBQ
Album: self-titled; Label: Lane Zero
The Vaqueros - 80 Foot Wave
Album: v/a Duluth Rocked, Vol. 1; Label: www.duluthrocked.com
The 99ers - Surfin' Hop
Album: CD-R; Label:
(spot) A Terrible Surfing Accident -
Album: ; Label:
The Bitch Boys - Shark Attack
Album: ...In Heat; Label: no label
Los Mel-tones - Surf Before Sunrise
Album: Surf Before Sunrise; Label: Halakahiki
The Apemen - Surf Party
Album: 7 Inches Of Love; Label: Double Crown
Club Gerry Friedrich - Holiday City
Album: v/a Surf In Germany; Label: Bear Family
The Astronauts - Surfs You Right
Album: Rarities; Label: Bear Family
The Exotics - Casbah
Album: Go Go Guitars; Label: Tiki Tone
The Goldentones - Outbound
Album: v/a Beyond The Beach; Label: Upstart
The Urban Surf Kings - Saucers In The Sunset
Album: Surf Vs. The Flying Saucers; Label: no label
The Gruesomes - My Dad's A Hodad
Album: Live In Hell!; Label: Ricochet
The Trashmen - Bad News
Album: Tube City: Best Of...; Label: Sundazed
Surf Nation - Party At The Sandbar
Album: Music For Dangerous Activities; Label: no label
The Nebulas - The Green Room
Album: Hot Rods, Waves Women; Label: Tivertone
The Daytonas - Surf Fever
Album: Ready Set Go; Label: Sunlight
The Surfites - Tailslide
Album: Big Pounder; Label: Double Crown
The Yeti-Men - High Himalayas
Album: v/a Hipsvile, Vol. 3: Return Of The Frozen Few; Label: Kramden
Rich Clayton The Rumbles - Flip Side
Album: v/a Surfin' In The Midwest, Vol. 3; Label: Unlimited Productions
The Metalunas - Trajectory Of No Return
Album: Swingin' Planet; Label: Wildebeest
Air Date: 
January 18, 2008