1/18/2008 MN Soundtrack



Hosted by Danny and Nathan

*Atmosphere/YGM/Strictly Leakage/Rhymesayers

*Plastic Chord/The Arduos Task of Asking/Colonial Connundrum/Smiles and Frowns

*Lukes Angels/Sugar Rush/Paulopolis/self release

*Corpse Show Creeps/Werewolves/Blackblood Call/Hair Ball 8 Records

*Bloody Turncoats/Track 3/???/???

*Gospel Gossip/Rainbow Magical/Sing into my Mouth/Guilt Ridden Pop

*A Paper Cup Band/Don't Know When Your Blue/??/self released

Basement Apartment/Tear Gas/??/??

*To Kill Burgeiouse/Lovers and Liars

*M.anifest/Babylon Breakdown/Manifestations LP

*Ghost in the Water/A Night Mare/'exclusive unreleased track'

Akai/Hardened Soil/Pretty Songs ABout Ugly Things/Band Kids Unite

*Battle Royale/Our Thoughts are A-pourin'/Wake Up, Thunderbabe/Afternoon Records

*Vampire Hands/Opium Typhoon/Virgin Dust American Lips/Freedom From

Ten Ton Bridge/Radio/??/??

God Damn Doo Wop Band/I'll Always Be your Girl/'exclusive unreleased track

*Just Mike/This Way/Step up 2 the Mike/

Aneuretical/Million Dollar Man/Million Dollar Man/Afternoon Records

Tremble and Shake/King Cobra/self titled/self released

The Floorbirds/Skyball Paint/Field Recordings/self released

*Brother Quetico/Thrifter/Folk Art is the New Regular Art/self released

Cloud Cult/What Comes at the End/Advice from the Happy Hippotomus/Earthology

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Air Date: 
January 18, 2008

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