2/16/2014 Root Of All Evil

Playlist Tracks: 
Circle Of Dead Children - When Human Compost Stains All Earth and Repels the Messengers of Love
Album: Psalm of The Grand Destroyer; Label: Willowtip
Amber Asylum - Cupid
Album: The Natural Phylosophy Of Love; Label: Relapse Records
KISS - I Stole Your Love
Album: Love Gun; Label: Casablanca
Megadeth - Last Rites/Loved To Death
Album: Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good; Label: Combat Records
Acid Bath - Pagan Love Song
Album: Pagan Terrorism Tactics; Label: Rotten Records
Gorguts - Earthly Love
Album: Obscura; Label: Olympic Records
Birdflesh - I Love Myself And Want To Die
Album: Time To Face Extinction; Label: Civilisation Records
Grave - In Love
Album: Into The Grave; Label: Century Media Records
Celtic Frost - Pearl Of Love
Album: In Session 93/The Nemesis Of Power; Label: Self-Released
Cock ESP - Too Fat For Love
Album: Extreme Noise Terror/Cock ESP split; Label: Self-Released
Fuck The Facts - Carve Your Heart Out
Album: Stigmata High Five; Label: Relapse Records
Cliteater - Cock And Love
Album: Eat Clit Or Die; Label: Restrain Records
Arch Enemy - Heart Of Darkness
Album: Wages Of Sin; Label: Century Media Records
Manowar - Heart Of Steel
Album: Kings Of Metal; Label: Atlantic Records
Samael - I Love The Dead (cover Alice Cooper
Album: Rebellion; Label: Century Media Records
Darkthrone - Love In A Void
Album: Too Old; Too Cold; Label: Peaceville Records
Kreator - Love Us Or Hate Us
Album: Extreme Aggression; Label: Noise Records
Goatsnake - What Love Remains
Album: Goatsnake Vol. 1; Label: Man's Ruin Records
My Dying Bride - Black Heart Romance
Album: The Dreadful Hours; Label: Peaceville Records
Pantera - This Love
Album: Vulgar Display Of Power; Label: Atco Records
Danzig - Anything
Album: Danzig III: How The Gods Kill; Label: Def American Records
Converge - Heartache
Album: No Heroes; Label: Epitaph
Edge Of Sanity - Hell Is Where The Heart Is
Album: Infernal; Label: Blackmark Productions
Angra - Ashes
Album: Aqua; Label: Voice Music
Melvins - Goin Blind
Album: Houdini; Label: Atlantic Records
Overkill - Electro-violence
Album: Taking Over; Label: Atlantic Records
Illdisposed - Life Equals Zero (A Love Song)
Album: Four Depressive Seasos; Label: Progress Red Labels
Strapping Young Lad - Love?
Album: Alien; Label: Century Media Records
Goatwhore - Forever Consumed Oblivion
Album: A Haunting Curse; Label: Metal Blade Records
Hateplow - Sunshine Of My Love (cover Cream)
Album: Everybody Dies; Label: Pavement Records
Mr. Bungle - Love Is A Fist
Album: Mr. Bungle; Label: Warner Bros. Records
Vondur - Love Me Tender (Elvis cover)
Album: The Galactic Rock N Roll Empire; Label: Necropolis Records
Carcass - No Love Lost (live)
Album: Best Of Carcass; Label: Toy Factory
Suffocation - Eminent Wrath
Album: Pinnacle Of Bedlam; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Eternal Suffering - Love Can Never Conquer Hate
Album: Drowning In Tragedy; Label: Extremeties Productions
Sacrilege - Moaning Idiot Heart
Album: Fifth Season; Label: Blackmark Productions
Suicidal Tendencies - Won't Fall In Love Today
Album: Still Psycho After All These Years; Label: Epic Records
Frank Zappa - Love Of My Life
Album: Son Of Cheap Thrills; Label: Rykodisc
Gorgoroth - When Love Rages In My Heart
Album: Insipit Satan; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Crematory - For Love
Album: Awake; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Celestial Season - Soft Embalmer Of The Still Midnight
Album: Solar Lovers; Label: Metal Blade Records
Broken Hope - Remember My Member
Album: Bowels Of Repugnance; Label: Metal Blade Records
Cradle Of Filth - Forgive Me Father
Album: Evermore Darkly; Label: Peaceville Records
Moonspell - Love Crimes
Album: Wolfheart; Label: Century Media Records
Pig Destroyer - Sourheart
Album: Terrifyer; Label: Relapse Records
Ayreon - Day 11: Love
Album: The Human Equation; Label: InsideOut Music
Ihsahn - Will You Love Me Now?
Album: The Adversary; Label: Candlelight Records
The Secret - Love Your Enemy
Album: Angus Dei; Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Poison Black - Love Infernal
Album: Escapexstacy; Label: Century Media Records
After Forever - Who Wants To Live Forever
Album: Emphasis - Who Wants to Live Forever (Single); Label: Transmission Records
Rammstein - Amour
Album: Reise Reise; Label: Motor/Republic
Dream Theater - The Root of All Evil
Album: Octavarium; Label: Atlantic Records
H.I.M. - Wicked Game
Album: Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666; Label: Universal
Type O Negative - Love You To Death
Album: October Rust; Label: Roadrunner Records
Embassy of Silence - Passion & Savagery
Album: Euphorialight; Label: Self-Released
Leave's Eyes - Take The Devil In Me
Album: Njord; Label: Napalm Records
Gamma Ray - Lake of Tears
Album: No World Order; Label: Metal-Is Records
Anathema - Leave No Trace
Album: A Fine Day To Exit; Label: Music For Nations
Antimatter - Mr. White
Album: Planetary Confinement; Label: Prophecy Productions
Air Date: 
February 16, 2014

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