2/13/2014 Fresh Fruit

Laverne Cox talks about being an artist, growing up as a talented person and the work she does.
We chat about being an activist and what is coming up next for her.
This is part one of a two part pre recorded interview made just a few days after CeCe McDonald was released from prison for defending herself against a rasist and homophobic attack. supportcece.wordpress.com 
Laverne was in Minnesota to welcome home and greet CeCe upon her release. Laverne and crew were filming for the the FreeCeCe documentrary  http://fiscal.ifp.org/project.cfm/655/
Jac Gares, is the Producer/Director, from New York, NY.  She, Laverne and CeCe were in the studio with Paridise, Adja, Melissa, Rayv'in and me as we chatted and listened to Beyoncé. 
Big shout outs to everyone at KFAI for helping on recording day, all the folks who helped with the CeCeFree show Jan 18th. All the Artist, Kris, Billy, the FreeCeCe Support Committee, Nicole and all the great folks at Intermedia Arts
Playlist Tracks: 
Beyoncé - Ego
Album: I am Sasha Fierce; Label: Columbia
MC Hammer - Here Comes The Hammer
Album: Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em; Label: Capital/ EMI Records
Beyoncé - Blow
Album: Beyoncé; Label: Parkland and Columbia
Beyoncé - No Angel
Album: Beyoncé; Label: Parkland and Columbia