2/9/2014 Root Of All Evil


We remember the Amon Amarth show from tonight, and look forward to tomorrow's Manowar show. Also, Mara objects to skydiving.

Playlist Tracks: 
Arch Enemy - Starbreaker (Judas Priest cover)
Album: Wages of Sin; Label: Century Media Records
Manowar - King of Kings
Album: Gods of War; Label: Magic Circle Music
Мельница - Master of the Wind (Manowar cover)
Album: Master of the Mill; Label: Navigator Records
King Diamond - Magic
Album: The Puppet Master; Label: Metal Blade Records
Kreator - Pleasure to Kill
Album: Pleasure to Kill; Label: Noise Records
Sodom - What Hell Can Create
Album: Code Red; Label: Drakkar Entertainment GMBH
Amon Amarth - Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags
Album: Twilight of the Thunder God; Label: Metal Blade Records
Amon Amarth - The Last with Pagan Blood
Album: The Avenger; Label: Metal Blade Records
Amon Amarth - Varyags of Miklagaard
Album: Twilight of the Thunder God; Label: Metal Blade Records
Voivod - Warriors of Ice
Album: War and Pain; Label: Metal Blade Records
Meshuggah - Dancers to a Discordant System
Album: obZen; Label: Nuclear Blast
Pestilence - HangMan
Album: Resurrection Macabre; Label: Mascot Records
Skeletonwitch - Remains of the Defeated
Album: Beyond the Permafrost; Label: Prosthetic Records
Carpathian Forest - A World of Bones
Album: Morbid Fascination of Death; Label: Avantgarde Music
Ramesses - Another Skeleton
Album: Baptism of the Walking Dead; Label: self-released
The Wounded Kings - Master of Witches
Album: Embrace of the Narrow House; Label: Eichenwald Industries
Mist - Phobia
Album: 2013‭ ‬Demo; Label: self-released
Saturnalia Temple - Devil's Eye‭ (‬Knowledge Gone‭)
Album: Ur‭; Label: self-released
Huata - Lords of the Flame
Album: Atavist of Mann; Label: Throatruiner Records‭
Manowar - Black Wind, Fire and Steel
Album: Fighting the World; Label: Atco Records
Electric Wizard - The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue
Album: We Live; Label: Rise Above Records
BITCHO - Expectations
Album: Toybox; Label: self-released
Northless - Damnation
Album: Clandestine Abuse; Label: Gilead Media
Svoboda - Kali
Album: 2012‭ ‬Demo; Label: self-released
Earthrise - Mirovia
Album: Eras Lost; Label: self-released
Godflesh - Cold World
Album: Cold World; Label: Earache
Trouble - Assassin
Album: Psalm 9; Label: Metal Blade Records
Dekapitator - The Storm Before the Calm
Album: The Storm Before the Calm; Label: Relapse Records
Witchfinder General - Death Penalty
Album: Death Penalty; Label: Heavy Metal Records
Thor - Warhammer
Album: Recruits - Wild in the Streets; Label: GWR Records
Watch Them Die - Fall From Grace
Album: Watch Them Die; Label: Century Media Records
Beherit - The Gate of Nanna
Album: Drawing Down the Moon; Label: Spinefarm Records
Void of Silence - Opus II. With No Half - Measure
Album: Criteria ov 666; Label: Code666 Records
Virus - Stalkers of the Drift
Album: The Black Flux; Label: Season of Mist
At the gates - Blood of the Sunsets
Album: With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness; Label: Deaf Records
Crowbar - On Frozen Ground
Album: Odd Fellows Rest; Label: Mayhem
Black Sabbath - Hole in the Sky
Album: Sabotage; Label: NEMS Records
Primal Fear - Kiss of Death
Album: Nuclear Fire; Label: Nuclear Blast
Disfear - Fiery Father
Album: Live the Storm; Label: Relapse Records
Huntress - Terror
Album: Spell Eater; Label: Napalm Records
Bolt Thrower - Prophet of Hatred
Album: Realm of Chaos; Label: Earache
The Black Dahlia Murder - The Blackest Incarnation
Album: Unhallowed; Label: Metal Blade Records
Dark Tranquillity - The Endless Feed
Album: Character; Label: Century Media Records
Godgory - Sea of Dreams
Album: Sea of Dreams; Label: Invasion Records
Opeth - Slither
Album: Heritage; Label: Roadrunner Records
Anathema - Release
Album: A Fine Day to Exit; Label: Music for Nations
The Devin Townsend Band - Deadhead
Album: Accelerated Evolution; Label: HevyDevy Records
After Forever - Cry with a Smile
Album: After Forever; Label: Nuclear Blast
Leaves' Eyes - Saint Cecelia
Album: Symphonies of the Night; Label: Napalm Records
Black Sabbath - Into the Void
Album: Master of Reality; Label: Warner Bros. Records
Epica - The Last Crusade (A New Age Dawns, Part I)
Album: Consign to Oblivion; Label: Transmission Records
Nightwish - Kuolema tekee taiteilijan
Album: Once; Label: Spinefarm Records
Air Date: 
February 9, 2014

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