2/8/2014 Collective Eye


A Tribute to Imamu Amiri Baraka with guest host J. Otis Powell‽,  Sonja Kuftinec and Andy Arsham

Abbey Lincoln / The Music Is The Magic from Devil's Got Your Tongue / Verve / 5:58

Albert Ayler / Nobody Know The Trouble I Seen from Goin’ Home on Black Lion/ 3:21

Amiri Baraka / Wise 1 from Wise Why's Y's on YouTube / 1:39     

David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters Feat. Pharoah Sanders /DJolla Feeling from Gwotet on Justin Time / 9:24

Thelonious Monk / Brilliant Corners from Brilliant Corners from Columbia / 7:45 (This was a music bed under interview and live readings by Andy, J. Otis & Sonja)

Roswell Rudd and Archie Shepp (feat. Baraka)/Live in New York/ We Are The Blues on Verve / 5:47

David Murray (feat. Baraka)/Fo Deuk Revue/Evidence on Justin Time Records / 6:00

(More interview and live readings)


John Coltrane / Dexterity from The Art Of John Coltrane on Blue Note / 6:47

Amiri Baraka / Why Is We Americans from You Tube / 4:39

William Parker / This Is My Country from I Plan To Stay A Believer: The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield on AUN Fidelity / 5:44

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February 8, 2014

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