We Love KFAI's Auto Club!

KFAI's Auto Club: Our Monthly Giving Program Which Sustains Us All Year Long

KFAI launched the Auto Club in 2001. Today, 521 Auto Club members give monthly through checking or savings accounts, saving the station money on mailings, automatically renewing their memberships each year, and providing KFAI a stable source of support all year long.

  • KFAI's Auto Club comes through checking or savings accounts only. We do not use credit or debit cards for monthly donations because processing fees are much lower for secure electronic transations from checking or savings accounts than for credit card gifts (less than one percent per transaction versus a little over three percent). 
  • Sign up is easy! Just fill out our donor form, select the amount per month you wish to give, and we will mail the authorization form to you! Use the return envelope to send us a voided check or savings account slip and you'll be a member of the Auto Club! 
  • Two more ways to sign up for Auto Club: call Pam at 612-341-3144 x 22 or download and print the Word or PDF document below and mail it in with a voided check or savings account slip. 
  • The Auto Club automatically renews each year, saving the station money on printing and postage and your membership never lapses. You can make changes to your Auto Club membership at any time by contacting the Membership & Volunteer Director.
  • We love our Auto Club members during pledge drives, too! You can call in your support of your favorite show during pledge drive and choose a thank-you gift to be mailed to you. 
  • Join us today and get your exclusive Auto Club "Road Map to the Twin Cities" - special discounts only for Auto Club members at area businesses!

KFAI Thanks The Businesses Below For Supporting the Auto Club with Special Discounts for Members on the Road Map to the Twin Cities!


Thank you also to Acadia Cafe, Common Good Books, Nina's Cafe, Roadrunner Records, Manny's Tortas and First Avenue for their support of KFAI members!