2/2/2014 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - Two stories from the Sci-Fi Radio series.

Imposter by Philip K. Dick is a story very familiar in these days of security and paranoia.  Spence is accused of being an android infiltrator and is scheduled to be disected to remove the bomb he carries.  He must escape and prove that he isn't.  Dick is known for his stories of paranoia and fear. The storyt was first published in 1053 and was the loose basis for a movie of the same title in 2002.  Available on YouTube at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyuaKzVQ5zc.

Wall of Darkness by Arthur C. Clarke.  There is only one planet and one star in this universe.  And the planet is bordered by an enormous wall.  One man decides he must scale that wall and find out what's on the other side.  Clarke was a scientist himself, so the sense of wonder plays a big part in his stories. Originally published in 1949.   Available on YouTube at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER5nxcY4eqE.

Playlist Tracks: 
Philip K. Dick - Imposter
Album: Sci-Fi Radio; Label: Sci-Fi Radio
Arthur C. Clarke - Wall of Darkness
Album: Sci-Fi Radio; Label: Sci-Fi Radio
Air Date: 
February 2, 2014

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