1/16/2008 Echo Chamber


A very rootical show, with crucial classic dubs and some fresh new roots dub. From Finn the Giant, to Hotdrop, Dr. Dub, Mistah Majah-P, and Eyesight Project. From the Storytellers, to the Abyssinians, the Skatalites, Dub Is A Weapon, the Technician, and Lee Perry. And that's just a start... Also on the program tonight: The Slackers, Secret Panels vs. The Assessor, Ashtech, Metastaz, the Gladiators, King Tubby, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Omar Sosa, Maximum Joy, High Tone, Akira Ifukube, Likkle Mai, I Roy, and more...

Playlist Tracks: 
I Roy - Rivers of Babylon
Album: Traveling Debra (Roger Eagle Tape); Label: not sure
Likkle Mai - Crystal River
Album: Roots Candy; Label: Beat Records
Junior Byles Lee Perry - Dreader Locks
Album: Jonny Greenwood Is the Controller; Label: Trojan
Skatalites - Outback Ska + Outback Dub
Album: On the Right Track; Label: AIM
Mistah Majah-P - Don't Know Them Culture
Album: Natty A We Beauty; Label: self (mistamajahp.com)
Eyesight Project - Twelve Tribes
Album: Eyesight Project; Label: Modus Vivendi
The Storytellers - The Elephant Dub
Album: Dub Sac [various artists]; Label: Anicca
The Revolutionaries - Iron Sharp Dub
Album: Traveling Debra (Roger Eagle Tape); Label: not sure
Ashtech - Imaginary World
Album: Walkin' Target; Label: Interchill
Finn the Giant - Hanging Gardens
Album: N/A; Label: giantsounds.com
Eating Betty - Goodness Dub
Album: N/A; Label: ACEtone
Eating Betty - Melt Dub
Album: N/A; Label: ACEtone
Trevor The Technician McKenzie - Cleric (of Dub)
Album: N/A; Label: self release
Lee Perry - Down Here in Babylon Dub
Album: N/A (from Planet Jackson's Dubs from the Vault compilation); Label: not sure
Dub Is A Weapon - Sadr City
Album: Armed and Dangerous; Label: Jump Up!
Hotdrop - Sexo Duro
Album: Ready; Label: Lafamille Music (Creative Commons)
Dr. Dub - Preshadrop
Album: Live + Studio Mixes [promo]; Label: self release
The Abogix J.K. - Stop the Terror
Album: George Bush's Great Adventure Between War and Horror; Label: Jamendo.com (download)
i-plant./Marvin Gaye - What's Going On?
Album: BlackSoulRemix; Label: i-Grow Records (igrowrecords.free.fr)
Blackpaul Prod. - One Dub Further
Album: Dubnight Compilation Vol. 1; Label: reggae-town.de / bigvibez.com
Abyssinians - Peculiar Number
Album: Satta Massagana; Label: Heartbeat
Gladiators - Mr. Baldwin (Part 2)
Album: Studio One Singles; Label: Studio 1 / Heartbeat
Metastaz - Sahal Dub
Album: Anekoik Pressure; Label: Paris Dub Activitys (Netlabel)
High Tone - Day Break Leaving
Album: Underground Wobble; Label: Jarring Effects
*Maximum Joy - Silent Street/Silent Dub
Album: Disco Not Disco; Label: Strut
*Omar Sosa - Why Anga? [excerpt]
Album: Afreecanos; Label: Ota
Sensitive Dub - Apocalypse Dub
Album: Sardinia Bass Legalize; Label: aquietbump (Netlabel)
*Mutant Frogs - Spirit Of Gusev Special
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Slide Huxtable (Mark Miller) - Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets
Album: The Return Of Slide Huxtable; Label: self release
*Supreme Beings of Leisure - The Light
Album: 11i; Label: Rykodisc
*Shane Newville - Let These Sounds Caress Your Ears
Album: Formless; Label: Syntax
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Only Love Can Conquer Hate (Snd. Remix)
Album: Bricolages; Label: KA'+B
The Slackers - Decon Dub
Album: Close My Eyes; Label: Hellcat
The Senior Allstars - G*Riddim
Album: Red Leaf; Label: Grover
Secret Panels vs. The Assessor - Vegas Dub
Album: Ecotone Dubtracks; Label: self release
King Tubby meets Jacob Miller - Judgement Yard Dub
Album: In A Tenement Yard; Label: Motion
Roy Bennett - I Dangerous
Album: Mod Reggae [box set]; Label: Trojan
Akira Ifukube - Major Battle at Fuji
Album: Destroy All Monsters [soundtrk]; Label: Futureland-Toho
Easy Star All Stars - Exit Music (for a Dub)
Album: Radiodread; Label: Easy Star
*Mutant Frogs - 5 Fingers of Ska
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: IMT-Skankworks
Air Date: 
January 16, 2008