2/2/2014 Root Of All Evil


Extra insanity tonight as NYDM crashes our studio! Tune in early for an extra helping of Manowar covers.

Playlist Tracks: 
Samael - Luxferre
Album: Lux Mundi; Label: Nuclear Blast
Riverain - Heart of Steel
Album: Overstepping the Verge...; Label: Irond Records
Arch Enemy - Kill with Power (Manowar cover)
Album: Dead Eyes See No Future; Label: Century Media Records
7th Nemesis - Moira kai hybris
Album: Archetype of Natural Violence; Label: self-released
Manowar - King of Kings
Album: Gods of War; Label: Magic Circle Music
Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge
Album: Cowboys from Hell; Label: Atlantic Records
Overkill - Death Tone (Manowar cover)
Album: Coverkill; Label: Steamhammer
Slayer - Aggressive Perfector
Album: Live Undead; Label: Metal Blade Records
Demonicon - Bloodlust
Album: Bloodlust; Label: The Root of All Evil Records
Anal Blast - Tampon Tea Bag
Album: Vaginal Vempire; Label: Nightfall Records
Outside the Murder - Drift
Album: Indoctrination; Label: self-released
Ambassador Gun - Wounded Knee
Album: Golden Eagle; Label: Pangea
Absence of God - Atheist Visions
Album: Absence of God; Label: self-released
Blue Ox - Mattress Actress
Album: Stray Dogs On Pity Party Island; Label: self-released
Climactic - Ocean on Fire
Album: Set the Rapture Ablaze; Label: self-released
Element 33 - HateSock
Album: unreleased; Label: unreleased
Witchden - Kill at Will
Album: Consulting the Bones; Label: self-released
Cradle of Filth - Promise of Fever
Album: Damnation and a Day; Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Pride - Bath Salts
Album: unreleased; Label: unreleased
Therion - Thor (Manowar cover)
Album: Atlantis Lucid Dreaming; Label: Nuclear Blast
Human Bashing - Strung Up and Lynched
Album: Provoking the Wicked; Label: self-released
Face of Oblivion - Torture Harvest
Album: The Embers of Man; Label: Comatose Music
Gorgatron - Schema
Album: Torturetorium; Label: self-released
Enabler - Cocaine and Cheesecurds
Album: Enabler; Label: self-released
Screaming Entombment - Obscurity
Album: Malice of your Maker; Label: self-released
Enfuneration - Insidious Domain
Album: American Death Thrash; Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Celtic Frost - Into the Crypts of Rays
Album: Morbid Tales; Label: Noise Records
En Masse - Dying Place
Album: En Masse; Label: self-released
Burial Ritual - Subhuman Species
Album: Exterminating the Masses; Label: self-released
Mystic Prophecy - Fighting the World (Manowar cover)
Album: Regressus; Label: Nuclear Blast
Dissection - Unhallowed
Album: Storm of the Light's Bane; Label: Nuclear Blast
WindShear - Visions
Album: Yesterday Moaning; Label: self-released
Heavy Lord - Looking into the Maker's Eyes
Album: Chained to the World; Label: Solitude Productions
Cosmonaut - Down in Stone
Album: Cosmonaut; Label: self-released
The Wounded Kings - Baptism of Atlantis
Album: The Shadow Over Atlantis; Label: I Hate
Boris - Dyna-Soar
Album: Heavy Rocks; Label: Quattro
Black Math Horseman - Deerslayer
Album: Wyllt; Label: Tee Pee Records
Serpentcult - Serpentcult
Album: Weight of Light; Label: Rise Above Records
Mount Salem - The End
Album: Endless; Label: Metal Blade Records
Witchsorrow - Impaler, Tepes
Album: Witchsorrow; Label: Rise Above Records
Amorphis - Planetary Misfortune
Album: Far from the Sun; Label: EMI Finland
Sirenia - Sundown
Album: Nine Destinies and a Downfall; Label: Nuclear Blast
Edenbridge - The Whispering Gallery
Album: Aphelion; Label: Massacre Records
Dark Sanctuary - Le paradis noir
Album: De lumière et d'obscurité; Label: Wounded Love Records
Air Date: 
February 2, 2014

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