1/19/2014 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - Eat or Be Eaten is  a computer game.  Player picks it up even though he is warned it's been recalled because of a bug.  He puts it into his car's CD player, and when he takes a wrong turn gets sucked into the game. The only way to get out is to win the game. 

The Firesign Theatre originally recorded it as audio for an actual computer game, but when that fell through was repurposed into this album.  The CD was released in 1986 as the world's first in CD+G format, with added graphics you could see if you loaded it into your computer.  This is that original album.  BUT, Laugh.com has released the CD again with a lot of bonus audio also recorded for the game, but not used.  We'll hear some of that, too.  It also has the original subcode graphics video. 

Playlist Tracks: 
Firesign Theatre - Eat Or Be Eaten
Album: Eat Or Be Eaten; Label: laugh.com
Firesign Theatre - Bonus Audio
Album: Eat Or Be Eaten; Label: laugh.com
Air Date: 
January 19, 2014

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