1/18/2014 Strictly Butter

Playlist Tracks: 
Laurel Halo - Thrax
Album: Chance Of Rain; Label: Hyperdub
Dean Blunt - MMXI
Album: The Redeemer; Label: Hippos In Tanks
Ciprian Stan - John F
Album: John F EP; Label: Ensis Black
Monkey Coops - Guns Groove
Album: Put 'Em In Jail; Label: Citrica
Counrad - The Redbreast
Album: Call It Wild EP; Label: Moral Fiber
Bollen & Fitchner - Sophos (Jessica Diaz remix)
Album: Artizan EP; Label: Lowroom Recordings
Egal 3 - Petruce (Dub Mix)
Album: Orchestral EP; Label: Kina Music
Archie Hamilton - Antithesis
Album: Antithesis EP; Label: Genial
Vincezo Monastra - Revolutie
Album: Anestezie EP; Label: Leone Music
IDK & Esco - Outline
Album: Outline EP; Label: Sakadat Records
A1 Bassline - Intasound (Mr.G's Ibiza Dub
Album: Intasound EP; Label: Gruuv
Chazzy Chazz - Daddy Needs A Key
Album: Imun To The Keys EP; Label: Tzinah Records
Vester Koza - Maslo 03A
Album: Maslo 03 EP; Label: Maslo
Vid - Pitch O1
Album: First Pack; Label: Far Far Away Records
Attic Ears - H01
Album: Spiral Drums EP; Label: Citrica
Klose One - Trigga's Tale
Album: Trigga's Tale EP; Label: School Records
Nyra - Like This
Album: Like This EP; Label: Freund der Familie
Andy Mac - The Rude Sea
Album: Regular & Irregular EP; Label: Idle Hands
Samu.l - Seagull (Reset Robot remix)
Album: Pacific State EP; Label: Surface
STL - Moonwalk
Album: Night Grooves EP; Label: Something Records
Terekke - Bank 3
Album: YYYYYYYYYY EP; Label: L.I.E.S. Records
Air Date: 
January 18, 2014

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