1/18/2014 A Great Blend Of Watercolors


Next week Melinda J will be sittin' in for Grand Deeva (Dee Henry Williams) hosting "A Great Blend of Watercolors."  It will be the men carrying on, some R & B, Blues, a bit of Jazz, Gospel and of course some ole' school...see you on the radio on Saturday, January 25th..

Playlist Tracks: 
Victoria Wilson-James - Perseverance Works
Album: Title Track; Label: Epic
Lauryn Hill - Every Ghetto, Every City
Album: The Miseducation of Layryn Hill; Label: Ruffhouse
Algee Mae Hinton - Going Down This Road
Album: Guitar Blues Women; Label: MCA
Lady Bianca - Should'na Made It So Good
Album: Through A Woman's Eyes; Label: Magic-)
KoKo Taylor - Bad Avenue
Album: Old School; Label: Alligator
Travis Haddix - She's Good, She's Better, She's Best
Album: Ring On Her Finger, Rope Around My Neck; Label: Benevolent Blues
Mary J Blige - Reminisce
Album: The Tour; Label: Def
Tim Searcy - Puttin' It Back Together
Album: Love Is The Answer; Label: The Jewel Of Life Muasic
Ms. Jody - Ms. Jody's Booty Slide
Album: It's All About Me, I'm Taking Back My Life; Label: Ecko
Ashley Dubose - Die Tomorrow
Album: Somethin' More; Label: Ashleymusic
Global Noize - In Time
Album: Sly Reimagined - The Music Of Sly & The Family Stone; Label: Zoho Roots
Barbara Morrison - Soft Winds
Album: A Sunday Kind Of Love; Label: Savant
Aretha Franklin - U Can't See Me
Album: A Woman Falling Out Of Love; Label: Arethasmusic
Bobby 'Blue' Bland - I'm A Blues Man
Album: Blues At Midnight; Label: Malaco
Denise LaSalle - You Don't Live Here No More
Album: Pay Before You Pump; Label: Ecko
Diana Ross - Upside Down
Album: Brilliant! The Global Dance Music Experience Vol 3; Label: SBK
Dottie Peoples - He Said it
Album: LIVE In Memphis; Label: Malaco
Benjamin Cone III & Worship feat/Trisha Green - Something Inside So Strong
Album: Single; Label: BCIII
Donna Summer - You're So Beautiful (The Ultimate Club Mix)
Album: The Journey: Very Best Of; Label: MCA
Edwin Starr - War, What Is It Good For, Absolutely Nothin'!
Album: Best Of; Label: Motown
Miss French - Summer Time
Album: LIVE Version; Label: MFMusic
Swamp Dogg - Happy Dog Day
Album: I Called For A Rope And They Threw Me A Rock!; Label: SDEG Records
Air Date: 
January 18, 2014

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