1/16/2014 Fresh Fruit




Guests: Ariel Leaf & Mattthew Foster


Ariel Leaf, actress, producer


Written by Diana Son , Directed by Ben Layne

STOP KISS is a story of self-discovery, a romantic comedy, and a moving drama about two women who meet, fall in love, and are brutally assaulted after sharing their first kiss. A special panel of community experts will conduct a post-show discussion on January 31 to discuss issues raised by the play.

Fortune's Fool Theatre

Nimbus Theatre

Jan 25-Feb 8, 2014


Matthew Foster, producer

A Great and Happy People: The Words of Civil Rights

Presented by The Committee to Defend the Enlightenment

Readings of some of the most stirring, exhilarating and hilarious words that form the backbone of America’s spirit of civil rights. Interpreted by artists, legal scholars and historians, these are some of the speeches, letters, court opinions and essays from the Revolution to the Clinton Administration that are worth remembering—and rediscovering. By focusing on the texts’ backgrounds and the subsequent influence each had on modern America, we think the result will a deeper, richer interpretation for us and the audience. During the show, instead of presenting one piece, pausing for applause, then quickly moving onto the next, we’ll interview the actors and their scholar counterparts to see what each learned in the process.

The Committee to Defend the Enlightenment

Bryant Lake Bowl Theater

Monday, January 20, 2014 at 7 p.m




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Ariel Leaf - actress, producer
Topics: Stop Kiss; Fortune's Fool Theater
Matthew Foster - producer
Topics: A Great and Happy People: The Words of Civil Rights; The Committee to Defend the Enlightenment