1/10/2014 Jet Set Planet


Episode #440: This Week in Miserlou AND music from Russ Meyer films
N=Artist new to the program

Playlist Tracks: 
Tommy Morgan - Miserlou
Album: Tropicale; Label: WB
Basilvian - Bass String
Album: Italian Library Music Party vol.1; Label: ILMP
Alberto Baldan Bembo - Abat Jour
Album: The Smart Set; Label: Right Tempo
Birds 'n' Brass - In The Summertime
Album: Soundsational Sort Of Sound; Label: Soundbird
Syd Dale - Walk and Talk
Album: Spider-Man '67; Label: HB
{N}Adriano Fabi & Sammy Barbot - Mark
Album: Beretta 70; Label: Right Tempo
Stanley Myers - Kings Full
Album: Kaleidoscope; Label: WB
Armando Trovajoli - FMB Shake
Album: Easy Tempo Volume 7: Bikini Beat; Label: Right Tempo
The Bat Boys - Behind the 8 Ball
Album: Batman; Label: GNP
101 Strings - Mystery Magazine
Album: T.V. Themes; Label: Alshire
Alan Parker - Crater
Album: Bite Harder - The Music De Wolfe Studio Sampler Vol. 2; Label: De Wolfe
William Tasker - Lola Langusta
Album: Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens; Label: Meyer
The Agents - The Corrupt Ones
Album: Themes for Secret Agents; Label: GNP
Alan Tew Sound - The Carnival Is Over
Album: Latin Style - The Music Of Tom Springfield; Label: EMI
Al Caiola - Farewell Blues
Album: Music for Space Squirrels; Label: UA
Ataraxia - I Ching
Album: The Unexplained; Label: UA
Augie Colón - Manigua
Album: Chant of the Jungle; Label: Liberty
Bobby Christian - Space Suite - The Call
Album: Strings for a Space Age; Label: Columbia
Bahi Hut Singers - Bahi Hut
Album: Bahi Hut Jingle; Label: Bahi Hut
Bart A. Shefter & Paul Sawtell (USA) - What Is A Nice Girl Doing In Places Like This
Album: Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers; Label: Meyer
Anita Darian - Anoush Karoon
Album: East of the Sun; Label: Capitol
Bill Loose - Harry Fights the Apache
Album: Cherry...& Harry & Raquel; Label: WB
Syzygys - Ammonite Dream
Album: The Complete Studio Recordings; Label: EPIC
The Soulful Strings - Silly Silly Fool
Album: The Soulful Strings Play Gamble-Huff; Label: Cadet
Addy Flor - Blue Water
Album: Jumbo Goes Latin; Label: EMI
Wendy & Bonnie - You Keep Hanging Up On My Mind
Album: Genesis; Label: Skye
{N}Caiage - Violence
Album: Montparnasse2000classics; Label: MP
Air Date: 
January 10, 2014

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