1/11/2008 MN Soundtrack


Danny Nathan hosted this one:

** = new stuff.

We like you.

Playlist Tracks: 
**The Battle Royale - Our Thoughts Are A-Pourin'
Album: Wake-Up Thunderbabe!; Label: Afternoon
**The Sexy Bang - Car In A Chase
Album: Signals From Sputnik; Label:
**Gospel Gossip - Revolutions In Physics
Album: Sing Into My Mouth; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Ice Palace - Nuance And Spark
Album: Bright Leaf Left; Label: Speakerphone
Spiritual Mansions - Danny Be Cool
Album: Give Us Your Hearts; Label: Afternoon
**I,Colossus - Evening News
Album: I,Colossus; Label: Afternoon
**The Glad Version - Ambulance
Album: Make Islands; Label: Draw Fire
Tuesdays Robot - TRIBALISM Yodel
Album: Tuesdays Robot; Label: S/R
**The Magnolias - Trashbin
Album: Better Late Than Never; Label: SMA
Cloud Cult - Please Remain Calm
Album: The Meaning of 8; Label:
The Illness Project - Among The Birch
Album: ; Label:
**Plastic Chord - The City's Overtaken
Album: Colonial Conundrum; Label: S/R
**Brothers Quetico - Hang
Album: Folk Art Is The New Regular Art; Label:
Down Low and Deploy - Expander
Album: In Our World; Label:
The Suburbs - Little Man's Gonna Fall
Album: 12; Label: Buy
Atmosphere - Love Life
Album: God Loves Ugly; Label: RSE
Estate - Hit It
Album: The Vacation; Label: S/R
Gary E - Now Then
Album: Now Then; Label:
The Yoleus - SW Brown
Album: Nightmare Circle Vision; Label:
Air Date: 
January 11, 2008

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