1/3/2014 Jet Set Planet


Episode #439: "In EZ-Listening parlance, 'Venga' means 'I need a shower while this flutey guy is playing'." 

N=Artist new to the program

Playlist Tracks: 
Peter Matz - Canadian Sunset
Album: Brings 'em Back; Label: Project 3
George Cates - El Macheech
Album: Greatest Sounds; Label: Hamilton
Percy Faith - Time For Livin'
Album: Angel of the Morning; Label: Columbia
The De Castros - Manana
Album: Sing; Label: Capitol
The Latin Boys - Martian
Album: Ask Me to Cha Cha Cha; Label: Tico
Manny Lopez - Ooh Ah
Album: Cha Cha Cha, If you please; Label: RCA
Tito Gomez - Noise of the Night
Album: Latin for Lovers; Label: Crown
Mystic Monks - Buterflies Butterflies
Album: Closing the Gap; Label: Ranwood
Eartha Kitt - If I Can't Take it With Me
Album: Thursday's Child; Label: RCA
Heinz Kiessling - Porterhouse
Album: Q-1; Label: Quadriga
Manfred Minnich - Let's Take Off
Album: Tanz Express; Label: Tip
Fausto Papetti - Magic Fly
Album: 25a Raccolta; Label: London
{N} Disko Band - Strauss in Outer Space
Album: Klassicks Go DisKo; Label: Pickwick
{N} Chris Hinze Combination - Venga
Album: Bamboo Magic; Label: Atlantic
{N} Hap Palmer - Midnight Moon
Album: Movin'; Label: EAI
Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica - Would You Like Bongos with Your Fugue?
Album: Where Here Meets There; Label: Tiki
Martin Denny - Corcovado
Album: Latin Village; Label: Liberty
Jack Costanzo - Live and Let Live and Snake Dance
Album: Afro Can-Can; Label: Liberty
Les Baxter - White Sands
Album: Bora Bora; Label: American Intn'l
Stanley Black - Hymn to the Sun
Album: Exotic Percussion; Label: Phase 4
Paul Horn - Sanctus
Album: Jazz Suite on the Mass Texts; Label: RCA
{N} Steven Halpern - Sky Boat Theme
Album: Zodiac Suite; Label: Halpern Sounds
Johnny Gunn - Sentry
Album: Introspection IV; Label: WB
The Pete King Chorale - Ebb Tide
Album: Moon River; Label: Kappp
Peter Jacques - Soul Food
Album: Q-1; Label: Quadriga
Herb Pilhofer - Mopius Flip
Album: Music That Works! 2; Label: Sound 80
The Brass Ring - Sugarloaf
Album: Gazpacho; Label: Dunhill
Air Date: 
January 3, 2014