1/3/2014 Across The Board

Playlist Tracks: 
prof zonic zynth - destination 1988
Album: hanover samplitudes; Label:
Who HA - Outrunning
Album: http://thewhoha.bandcamp.com; Label: http://retropromenade.com
Whitney Houston - How will I know extended vinyl version
Album: ; Label:
Highway superstar - Boardwalk Sunset
Album: http://rossocorsarecords.bandcamp.com/album/take-my-time; Label: Rosso Corsa
Classixx - When your love is safe Classixx remix
Album: classixx soundcloud; Label:
Mosaik - sedna session NY 2013/14
Album: mosaik soundcloud ; Label:
les anderson - greeen <3 pink forever
Album: les anderson soundcloud; Label:
les enfants terribles - hypervenue nightclub
Album: hypervenue nightclub; Label:
prof zonic zynth - double impact (cover)
Album: zonic zynth soundcloud; Label: https://soundcloud.com/bastian-l-er
echoes - second best
Album: http://electronicrumors.com; Label: electronic rumors
Alpha Boy - Interview
Album: Laser Vision; Label: http://alphaboymusic.bandcamp.com
Alpha Boy - High Power Laser
Album: Laser Vision; Label: https://soundcloud.com/xibalba
The secret letter or two overboard - Crystal Bridge
Album: crystal bridge soundcloud; Label:
Grooveworthy - Information Breakdown
Album: NRW 80s comp tape 2; Label: https://soundcloud.com/mrmollusk
Clinton Affair - Ruby Necklaced (unreleased)
Album: clinton affair soundcloud; Label: https://soundcloud.com/clinton-affair
Camille R - Creeper
Album: Miami cannibal massacre; Label: PLAYMAKER
Anton Hammer - Ecstasy
Album: http://futurecityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/fcr-compilation-vol-iv; Label: future city records
Quixotic - Palms
Album: http://futurecityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/palms-e-p; Label: Future city records
Cosmonaut Grechko - Tell Me...
Album: Cosmonaut Grechko soundcloud; Label: Cosmonaut Grechko
Betamaxx - Vigilante
Album: Bsides; Label: http://betamaxxmusic.bandcamp.com
Luxury Elite - lingerie
Album: luxury elite soundcloud; Label:
Rain Sword - Skyline
Album: http://rainsword.bandcamp.com; Label: http://rainsword.bandcamp.com
SelloRekT/LA Dreams - As fast as I can
Album: https://soundcloud.com/sellorekt; Label: https://soundcloud.com/sellorekt
peter robinson - whyd you go break my heart
Album: https://soundcloud.com/peter-robinson; Label: https://soundcloud.com/peter-robinson
Palm HIghway Chase - Take me into August Nights
Album: http://palmhighwaychase.bandcamp.com; Label: http://palmhighwaychase.bandcamp.com
Yes Giantess (Miley remix) - Party in the USA
Album: yes giantess soundcloud; Label: yes giantess soundcloud
Mitch Murder - Last Call
Album: Glass Cities EP; Label: http://mitchmurder.bandcamp.com
Le Cassette - Only you (Yazoo Cover)
Album: https://soundcloud.com/le-cassette; Label: https://soundcloud.com/le-cassette
New Edition - Can you stand the rain quiet storm remix
Album: can you stand the rain remix; Label:
diese remix - (carry me to paradise)
Album: https://soundcloud.com/diese; Label:
Stan Bush/Vince Dicola - No risk no glory
Album: ; Label:
Vincenzo Salvia - Towards the LIght
Album: Atlantis EP; Label: http://futurecityrecords.bandcamp.com
Cougar Synth - B3nnimushu's Theme
Album: https://soundcloud.com/cougar-synth; Label: https://www.facebook.com/CougarSynth
Pulse 80 ft Stereosonic - made in the USSR
Album: https://soundcloud.com/pulse-80; Label: https://soundcloud.com/pulse-80
Silent Gloves ft Patrick baker - so real mitch murder remix
Album: So Real EP; Label: http://rossocorsarecords.bandcamp.com/album/so-real-feat-patrick-baker
Franfurt Express - Wake up (Sfero Remix)
Album: ; Label:
FM Attack - Dreamer
Album: dreamatic; Label: https://soundcloud.com/fm-attack
Action Jackson - Montage
Album: https://soundcloud.com/actionjacksonmusic/action-jackson-montage; Label:
Mitch Muder FT Santell - dont let me spend xmas eve alone
Album: https://soundcloud.com/daataa; Label:
Babylon 86 - City Heat
Album: https://soundcloud.com/babylon-86; Label:
Mitch Murder - Snow Crash
Album: limited release sound cloud; Label: https://soundcloud.com/daataa
Photosynthesi - Nice to Meet you
Album: https://soundcloud.com/photosynthesi; Label: https://www.facebook.com/PolyMoodMusic
SelloRekT/LA Dreams - Cocktails in the lounge
Album: flashback 1986; Label: http://ladreams.bandcamp.com
FM Attack - Lost Angeles
Album: Deja Vu Album; Label:
Silent Gloves ft patrick baker - So Real original
Album: So Real EP; Label: http://rossocorsarecords.bandcamp.com/album/so-real-feat-patrick-baker
Mitch murder - frame of mind
Album: another place EP ; Label: http://mitchmurder.bandcamp.com
SellorekT/ LA Dreams - Allys FIre
Album: Coast EP; Label: http://ladreams.bandcamp.com