1/3/2014 Voice Cried Softly

Playlist Tracks: 
VAPID - Traumaha
Album: (Rigor Mortis of a Rock n' Roll Weapon); Label: Lipstic Gorilla 2000
"WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC - Albuquerque
Album: (Running With Scissors); Label: Volcano 1999
THE BEATLES - Day Tripper
Album: (Live in Japan); Label: Unreleased 1966
ELECTRELANE - Enter Laughing
Album: (The Power Out); Label: Too Pure 2004
BOB DYLAN - Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie
Album: (The Bootleg Series Volume 1); Label: Columbia c1963
LAVENDER DIAMOND - Rise in the Springtime
Album: (The Cavalry of Light); Label: Matador 2005
RUTH BROWN - Wild, Wild Young Men
Album: (Rock & Roll); Label: Atlantic 1957
MUM - Finally We Are No One
Album: (Finally We Are No One); Label: FatCat 2002
THE VALDONS - All Day Long
Album: (Twin Cities Funk & Soul); Label: Secret Stash c1973
SONAME - Freedom Song
Album: (Natural Mind); Label: Enja 2012
CAN - Abra Cada Braxas
Album: (The Lost Tapes); Label: Mute 1973
Album: (Pinheads on the Move); Label: Crammed c1981
XINLISUPREME - Fatal Sisters Opened Umbrella
Album: (Tomorrow Never Comes); Label: FatCat 2002
THE EMBERS - Paradise Hill
Album: (Watch the Closing Doors); Label: Year Zero 1953
18TH DYE - Dive
Album: (Done); Label: Matador 1992
SIN P'YONG IL - Shinawi (Folk Ensemble)
Album: (Han Madang: Musical Traditions of Korea); Label: Northwest Folklife 2007
LOVE IS ALL - The Birds Were Singing with All Their Might
Album: (Two Thousand and Ten Injuries); Label: Polyvinyl 2010
NEIL YOUNG - Tonight's the Night
Album: (Tonight's the Night); Label: Reprise 1975
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN - Me and the Major
Album: (If You're Feeling Sinister); Label: Jeepster 1997
Album: (BBC Archives 1971); Label: BBC 1971
Air Date: 
January 3, 2014

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